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  • Hey saps, long time eh? Hope you are doing well. Just a quick question I'm running dj05 undervolted vd is there anything battery savvy nowadays? Looking forward to the 2.2 upgrade!
    Kaos has been playing with .35 GB kernels is all and apparently he can boot them on our SF now. Pump the brakes though as a booting kernel and a stable OS are not the same thing. If they were he'd release it. Birdman has posting pics of GB kernels on his SF weeks ago. Still its promising.

    BTW, totally wrecked myself in the gym. Went after a new max on the bench, didnt get it sore as hell from other stuff too. Such is life for the iron heads
    Hey Saps,

    What is the story on the picture punkaos just posted on twitter? CMSGS team's 2.6.35 kernel.

    Thought you might know the significance of it.
    Thanks for the advice. I am going to see how it goes when I actually get them in the mail either tomorrow or friday (yes, there is tracking but I am so excited I think I can will them here tomorrow). How did you get into competing?

    I learned to power lift while playing football. When I got to the collegiate level I got hurt playing, and during my time off, I met a guy that trained with the West Side team. He was really into theory and the science of lifting and turned me on to applying a more dynamic approach to traditional lifting. Long story short, I started trying to incorporate major power lifting into my athletic career and now into bodybuilding.

    I stopped growing, so I figured the best way to get bigger, is to lift bigger in my major lifts. So part of my reason for trying out the bands is to help me get through some sticking points and barriers, but it is also to add some variation into my muscle duress.
    Hey there fellow iron junkie,

    You ever used bands in your training? just bought 3 short sets from
    My bench has been sticking and I want to add some speed to my deadlift. Trying to look for some advice on setting them up.

    A post today not about Froyo? Weird I know, unless you think of your PR as Froyo and the bands as Voodoo. Only thing that can make it go higher.
    Haha, thanks!

    BTW, I am replying to this at 2am because I am too wired to sleep from deadlifting so late tonight. That's what I get for breaking the chains out after 10pm.
    Sir Saps, sorry to bother you but I can't find this anywhere. Can you please tell me the quickest way to check to see how much free ram is on the phone ?
    Hello, I'm new here and have looked around a bit, but am getting to a point where everything is blending..... I'm not looking to Root my phone-maybe eventually, but I know my limits!! Right now I'm deffinatly wanting to change my theme and I was just reading about " List of Fascinate Themes/Roms - Do I have to 'root' my phone to use any of the themes listed there? Or should I look elsewhere\where? I'm sure this is a dumb question, but I appreciate the help.
    Eh, I can never tell how (in)visible to make stuff like that, so it helps to have someone else look at it. So thanks for your help!
    No not the evil part silly, just the whole look and feel of that droid. The color and the eyes fit with your username.
    Ha : P Why thank you, got it from here. Using one of the pics as my computer background as well. I may eventually photoshop my own, but for now it works.
    nice saps, glad you found it. I was using an older version of the launcher and it didn't have that option. Speaking of the devil, I just updated BW an hour ago and found that option, was going to refer what I found with you, but looks like you already solved it!!!
    Oh wait maybe you meant can I get the updates...Im beginning to notice that no I can't. Perhaps thats why they always have revisions posted. Seem our new found apps are one and done type. I suppose thats ok. We can just get the update manually
    If you mean do they show up there after I sync up yes they do. Appbrain is nice to have. Its basically the Market only different
    hey what apps have you installed lately? =O Just trying to get ideas: I have beautiful widgets, LPP, ESPN fantasy football, JD and ultimatejuice, quickoffice, RE and TBackup...
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