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  • Would you happen to have any idea how I could keep it from rebooting as it installs facebook? I cant figure anything out. And it is SO STABLE I don't want to lose it!
    Hey if you're still work on CM7 for the Zter Marit, I would like to beable to test your builds :) I am learning about ROM development as well, and I would greatly appreciate if I could test ur build
    Hey man! whats up. U seem really knowledgeable about androids and i want to ask you a simple question here. I'm new to the whole rooting process and was planning to do it today because i want to upgrade my android rugby smart i487 to jelly been 4.3 OS. Please tell me how i can do so. because i really want this os really bad considering im working with a lousy 2.3.6 gingerbread. I dont want to root my phone for nothing. I owe u a million if you can help me with this man! :)
    Hey man do you need any testers for your CM 9 thats 90% done? I havent seen anymore about this. These other guys just get bits and pieces and borrow from themes. Let me know man id be happy to test. Ive tested for Bionics,Samsung Cappys LG V etc everytime i had a different phone or a dev needed a tester. Thanks Joe
    i'm curious how you made that boot.img... none of mine every boot past logo??? even if i don't edit anything, just unpack and repack...

    but yeah, i can try it out.
    Ooh, I forgot to your phone is broken soory. I'll try to do this alone. Maybe start. I hope you find your way to the phone because it would be too bad to stay without a single dev for this device. I see that @brohn interested to participate in your joint projects.
    Index of /roms/zte/roamer
    Motorhead are you able to this rom
    VIVO insert CWM, it would not have to do
    root. I'd like to try to install it.
    I also have a question about your patch for
    AR. Can I throw in a MH-1.0.1E? I like the
    look of the UI. Will it have the same effect?
    Hello again. Hope alls good with your girlfriend. One question. I remmber now why i stoped using antoneys one.two. My msm dont work. I had not tryed it on your redo rom of it till today. I still dont work. SMS does work, just not the msm. You have any clue as to what would cause this.
    I keep haveing problems 1. I couldnt get the apn to take settings. I installed your rom again then took the one i had on the phone off and installed the new download and the apn is working now. 2. I ran superuser first and su update. then downloaded link2sd, ran it. then rebooted and started downloading all my apps. after about 10 apps installed i was out of memory. 3. Im in a big city here at work and my radio signal goes full bars then to 1 bar. I know when i go home this afternoon ill not have any signal. 4. I just reloaded the zip again, installed it to the sd card and took the 2nd zip off and im now installing it. Ill keep you updated on this run. What text editor did you use to change the cpufreq in the /system/etc/init.rc? I have es file explorer.
    is the OC in your ROM. If not i have found the file in es file explorer for the setting values for anthoneys OC. If you get a few mins could you tell me what you put in to the cpu0 file to change to the higher OC. and or what values did you change. I see there is a quit a few files to change. Thanks mike Sorry to keep bugging you
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