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  • No, I never rooted my phone. I want to. So confused on some things. I have done all the ota updates. Unrevoked shows to be a simple download root. Can my phone be rooted this way? Is it the best and safest?
    Hello, Ed. I was reading through a past thread where you used to VZW prl on Sprint to get out of contract. Did they charge you the ETF or did they drop you free of charge?
    Hi, Ed! I was wondering what app you use to customize your desktop so only text is showing at the bottom. For example, in some your desktop screenshots it just says "Phone", "Mail, "Web", etc.
    Hey Ed,

    Thank you for the response. I found the answer by looking at a friends phone late yesterday.

    correct answer is :

    ** I had been told by sprint techs to reset my data flow ( ##72786# route ) then reset my data profile that order , but I have determined in my situation only resetting the data profile ( ##3282# route ) works better.

    Also, your solution of changing up the proxy setting is working amazing for me. Usually I get about 300kbps (3G ) at work and now I'm getting about 1200 - 2200 kbps. It does seem to work best with calling *18 to reset my tower choice every day when I get to work and then again when I get home.
    Hey.. saw your posting about EVO 4G data flow resets and such and have a question. I was changing up the proxy setting you suggested ( and port ) , but accidentally changed the RTSP proxy IP address not the HTTP proxy address. I realized it afterwards but want to change the RTSP back to what it was..

    should it be :
    Hey could you help me out with a link to update the prl on an Evo 4g? I looked around alot here and on XDA trying to find out but never saw anything definitive as to how to do it for sure on the new gingerbread update. Reason I ask is I am getting another replacement phone from sprint, right now I have an epic and its my 4th one so they are sending me something different to try, and I wanted to put a verizon prl on it to continue raoming data to get out of my contract. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    hey, thanks for posting that info. i have a flashed/cloned evo on boost, im having the 3g speed issues. is it safe to follow your guide? if i "restore" settings, am i modding anything that is going to mess up my connection to sprint? thanks ~!
    Hola! Just found this site and it appears you know a lot about my new Android Evo 4G that I just got a couple of weeks ago and HATING compared to my iPhone 4G ... I can't figure out anything on this *dern* thing ... having tons of weird *arse* problems and ready to throw this apparatus out the window! (((arg))) Don't have a clue where to begin and don't trust the Market apps I can download and really missing my daily trusted app I had - my iTunes, Pandora, especially my Facebook, notes & task lists, .... sigh ... disappointed, frustrated and feeling blond for all the WRONG reasons!
    I read on a thread somewhere on here that you posted, regarding an app that is better than "app2sd". Because it allows ALL apps to be stored on the SD card. What is the name of this app? How do I get it? Are there any downsides?
    my phone is rooted, running stock ROM.
    1st of all i would like to say thank you for taking your time and going out of your way to help me, much appreciated.

    none of the links you posted work.

    also i want to get a 32 gb card, and i understand theres different classes, what does that mean, and would you please post a link to ebay for evo specific cards with the correct class # so i know what to look for. THANKS!

    im coming from a palm pre which i had to switch up to my old ass bb 8330 because that pre was utter garbage, so all of this seems overwhelming.

    can i officially make you my android consultant?
    thanks mr ed, u seem to know a lot, i'm leaning towards this extended battery HTC Evo 4G 3500mAh Extended Battery + Cover: Cell Phones & Accessories

    reviews are pretty solid for it, its not a seidio though, and now i need a skin to protect it, and also looking to get a pouch to wear on my pant belts, always had em since i started with cellphones. it that over kill?

    what do u think of this silicone case? Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case for HTC EVO 4G (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories

    thanks 4 ur help

    want to keep this baby as safe as possible
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