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  • please help Motorola droid w slidout keyboard too many locked attepts n I don't know google stuff I try volupdwn n power on but I don't get android triangle or any boot screen can u help me plz
    Just bought an, A500 and right out of the box it asked to update. The update was Acer_A500_7.014.01_Com_Gen2. My android version is 3.2 and my build number is Acer_A500_7.00.6.01_Com_Gen2. It downloads it fine, but when installing it starts to install but then stops. It shows a triangle with a ! in the triangle. I have 3 questions. First, what is this update? Second, why does my update keep failing? And third I have 10 days to get a refund for this tablet. If there is a problem with the tablet should i return it? Everything else works fine other than the updating problem, I have no issues with the a500.
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