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  • I have just rooted my Xperia X8 and im planning to install the custom 2.3.7 ROM but it doesn't have the default built -in X8 alarms.

    So can you tell me how can i take out the Default Xperia X8 alarm tones so when i install 2.3.7 ROM I can put it back in it.

    I searched the whole forum , i did get an answer that the tones are present in media/audio but i didn't find it.. Please help me out
    Hello. I am somewhat new to these forums, but having a great time here. I was reading a topic in which some people were talking about wether or not they would pay for an app (a game actually). I've been trying my own video reviews of a couple of paid games and I was wondering if I am allowed to post the YouTube link in the forums? If not, I completely understand. Thank you for your help.
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