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  • Please do so :D I'm getting this when I'm jumping countries, though will probably not have a chance of really playing a lot before I start in the uni. Though I'm just waiting to get the american SC2. :D
    PS: MikeSeventeen is mgilles, just incase you are wondering. Both of them are typing the same way and ignores what they dont want to read. Just incase you try going for the throat on this guy. >_>
    IGN: Shank

    Something for you as well, looks like a hybrid between a Solid Snake on acid and duke nukem before it went 3d, with some flashbacks from Samurai Jack cartoon. Think this will be safe 1200 MS points. :)
    Hahahahaha, now that made my day buddy! Ballisticn8, after that visitor message I'm starting to have a mild man crush on your friend. That's just brilliant!
    yeah that guy fried posted up a screen shot of a google page showing he was perma banned from ps3 forums, lmao. i was laughing so hard when i saw it i choked on my soda. right after i saw it i posted a pwned image and a fail boat image, the whole thread got pruned to oblivion though :(

    got it, apparently fried googled the user name mgillespie and ps3, thats how i found it anyways. :)
    lmao, nice, i did the same but its still the same kool aid... ah well, admin killed that thread.

    the greatest part was the post by fried that was a page from google showing that he had been banned from the ps3 forums, lmfao, it was classic.
    Oh hey. Well, it isn't released yet. lol It's going to be released this Thursday. The only real way for me to know exactly how I feel about it will be after the initial honeymoon period. My problems with my Incredible was after the honeymoon period (blown speaker and call quality issues). I really do hope that I love the Droid X though! It's looking to be another amazing phone for Verizon.
    remember when you lol'ed at me cause you said google/htc abandoned the 3g issue. fixed! frf83 has my phone flying with no 3g isues
    lol well i am good at complaining and usually getting my way about stuff lol

    But i love gaga and i agree with you about the heavy metal
    Well actually no
    im not really saving much for some reason

    Everything Data - 450 Anytime Minutes Included $69.99
    Total Equipment Protection - $3 insurance premium & $4 service/repair $7.00
    450 Bonus Minutes - 2 years with Everything Data Individual Plan $0.00
    1 Sprint 411 Directory Asst. @ $1.79/call $1.79
    5 International Text Message - Bermuda @ $.20/msg $1.00
    Sprint: CallTones - Telephone-Lady GaGa -05/02 $2.50

    AIRAVE Enhanced Voice Coverage - Enhanced voice coverage when inrange of the AIRAVE $4.99
    2 SMS Text Messages @ $.20/msg $0.40
    Spending Limit Program Charge $4.66
    Spending Limit Program Charge $4.66
    Spending Limit Program Charge $4.99
    Spending Limit Program Charge -$4.66

    Sprint Surcharges $5.08

    i really love the evo but hate Spint soooo...idk lol
    im test driving Verizon out again for the 30 days
    but really to be honest, i am missing my EVO lol
    im hoping the Droid X comes out soon
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