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  • GTFO, that's Sharapova? she looks amazing! i knew it was a face i recognized. do all femalien tennis players look like this with the hair down?!?! :)
    boy oh boy, you sure are cute!
    are you dating anybody? wanna make a romantic connection? call 1-900

    hahaha, ok not THAT funny. i know you're a dude.
    but who's the girl in your photo... she's really pretty and kinda has a common face that i cannot pin point... Ciao

    Thank you! :)

    I did not know what the words C'est Moi meant but now I know! ;)

    Hahaha ja an "Ass Hake" is a special kind of fish that smells like @ss!! xD


    I am in a funny mood :)
    Thanx Vihzel! :)

    You also got some interesting pictures there Vihzel! :D
    hmm what is Cest Moi mean?

    By the way!

    Do you know who my best friend in the world is? :D


    My Hand!!

    Hahah :)
    Just a big city where people are rude :p
    I've already been to London and Paris like. Some people love it cos they feel everything is dirt cheap (cough baggage charges) and its AMERICA :p
    Hi Vihzel,

    My name is Kamarul Hashim. I am a PhD student from Auckland University of Technology (AUT), NZ. My research is about understanding what motivates people to continuously contribute their knowledge using online community. I would love to invite you to participate in my online focus group session. you can browse the following link (ONLINE FOCUS GROUP) to get some information on what i'm doing. thank you.

    Unfortunately, my 1-year upgrade w/ Sprint isn't available until October. I wanted to snag the EVO but I'm not willing to pay $499.99 for it. I figure by October all the issues will be resolved and shortages should be nonexistent or something better will be out.

    The Droid X looks like it's gonna be a damn good phone. Definitely will be one of the smartphone elite. Let me know how you like it after the honeymoon period :)
    hey. thanks for your work on the 60day policy thing.i know its frustrating when 1-3 people get something to work and get everyone to believe that they can do it also. If verizon was in the business of replacing everyone phone.. they would not be in business at all. Its foolish to believe that Verizon is that dumb. anyways. im now in a pickle where as i have stuck/dead pixels in the mid of my screen. they are hard to see but annoying none the less. that should be covered under warranty, i still have to call them, but now i have to wait another month till the backorders are filled? or do they have refurbished ones they are sending out?

    thanks anyways for your hard work.

    Oh yeah. He's definitely a fanboy. He shot down my argument with PS3 is better b/c it has this, this and this - instead of providing proof that it is ACTUALLY better. When it all comes to the end, it's all about preference.
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