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  • I rooted my phone and want to insall a custom ROM. Its been cpl months since I rooted but I wanted to learn as much as I can before messing w phones.
    I went thru "Sticky- how to...." lots of times to familiarize w terms.
    I have TB downloaded and backed up apps.
    From what I understood, I have to download flash_image, zen recovery, root browser to unzip, and terminal emulator to get everything going.. I get the whole procedure..
    my problem is when click on the link in the guide for either zen garden or flash image it btings me to download and when try to download it says " download unseccessful- content not suported on this phone"
    I'm a little confused, since this is mostly for lg v's.
    I am doing this thru the phone..not PC.

    LG vm670....andr.2.2.2.......zv5

    What am I doing wrong? appreciate help......thank you.!
    PS. I'm sorry to bug u w minor stuff like this but its major for me since I don't know much about it lol
    Hi, I hope I'm not out of line here. I'm looking for help and new to this whole "forum" thing.
    Here's my deal:
    I hope I'm following the correct protocol here.
    If not I apologize in advance

    I want to learn how to root my phone.
    I don't have the $ to get a newer and better phone so I thought I'd take this route so to free up space and get rid of all the crap apps. Besides, I like learning new things but don't want to brick this as it is my only phone

    1.) Model Number ? VM670
    2.) Firmware Version ? Is Firmware Version the same as Android Version?
    3.) Baseband Version ? VM670ZV4_60401001
    4.) Kernel Version ?
    5.) Build Number ? FRG83
    6.) HW Version: 1.2
    7.) SW Version: VM670ZV4
    8.) Android Version: 2.2.1

    Also do you have a T-Mobile Data plan on your
    PayAsYouGo or FlexPay Plan? Virgin PayAsYouGo

    Carrier ? Virgin Mobile

    Country you are using your phone in ? USA
    Give it a try then. I doubt it will make things any worse. Might just work.
    Question: What method did you use to flash/install the S firmware. This info could help another member who has bricked there phone. PM me and give me all the details if you could, please.
    Hasn't been tested yet. Working on getting a Dev to take the update and turning it into a .cab file so it can be flashed by the KDZ updater with the phone in emergency mode.
    Cramming the S firmware into the phone kills the data connection and making phone calls. All that will work is the WiFi. I'm not ready to advise someone to flash the S firmware until I know for sure that flashing the VM update will fix what the S firmware breaks.
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