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  • Side note: stay clear from pirate bay and isohunt, those sites are known to be flagged by your service providers and some of the files there contain some serious virus's.

    Love, OrKo
    What I do is I use Ttorrent PRO, then I use the browser (any web browser should work) go to http://kat.ph/ (kickasstorrents) select whichever torrent I want, then select the link that reads "Download this torrent" near the top of the page (should have a brown background behind it) then the browser should ask you if you want to use Ttorrent, select Ttorrent the app should open and ask you to select the files outta the torrent, select the files you want to download select ok and it should start automatically. Now if you're using other torrent sites, when you select the link that downloads the torrent you'll need to go into your sd card find the folder that say's downloads and the torrent link should be in there, select the file from the folder and the Ttorrent app should start up again with selecting the files select ok then it'll start to download. Hope this helps and have fun pirating
    Here is the problem the ascend was a cheap android phone and we bought it and did great things with it! If i had a dollar 4 every time i thought i bricked it i could go to t mobile. We have all grown. So has the phone Technology.So as soon as the admire was out we had to have it. But metro as a company has not grown not enough,small 3g spots and very little 4g.No one really went for the admire because of poor coverage . I'm going to Virgin at the end of the month. I've had METRO 4 almost a year never seen a 3g bar on my phone. Not prl 20 21 22 23 24 25. Sad take a SAMSUNG ADMIRE A 800mhz phone and put it on a 1cdma network. why not take a dragster and run it on diesel. THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THE ASCEND WHAT IT WAS AND THANKS 4 ALL MY PEOPLE ON THIS SITE. RANGER ROB.
    :) ~*~Thank You~*~ Rob,
    I love Learning, Tweaking,Sharing,
    and most of all Helping...
    This Awesome forum fulfills all of it:D
    Thanx for friendship
    (your my first;))

    >>>===> ("can not wait for rom to come out") <====<<<
    Me Either!
    I Almost want to donate my Admire to help the cause.
    (but, i Admire it way too much)
    ( :pgiggles)
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