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  • Hi,

    This is ABSOLUTE threadomancy, but I don't suppose you've still got the modified drivers required to make a Samsung i7500 talk to Windows 7 Pro over ADB lurking about have you?

    They were in this thread:


    But since the Americans got stroppy over MegaUpload, you can't get anything from there anymore, and the downloads from the Verizon site and such that are linked don't actually seem to work anymore.

    Cheers in advance for the help!
    I am facing an issue with my sd card similar to what you had solved sometimes back. After i do any changes in my sd card, add files or delete them, after i plug my phone to my pc or even directly on my phone, whenever the phone is restarted or after i disconnect it from my pc, a message appears saying "Preparing SD Card" and it Deletes New Files / Restores Deleted Files. Can you please help me with this issue.

    my DHD is stuck on the start up screen where it just shows htc in green please help me out with it. i was updating my phone to ICS and after updating it restarted and since than its been stuck on the start up screen i am a newbie to this smart phone market so i dont know how to fix this problem so please help me with it i'll be really thankful to you
    have gone through the s-off thingy on my desire 2.3.3 using revolutionary....but now am stuck on the recovery installation.......CWM doesnt download through the program..it gets stuck midway with error message "revolutionary.exe is not responding"....have tried everything run as administrator and compatibility too.....what am i doing wrong...plzzzz reply......
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