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  • My 2nd one is when i connect to 3g it cuts in browsing and some more application can't start on 3g and tells me there's no intenrnet connection found so my question is that Is there a program to prevent cut or disconnecting automatic continuous and make smoothly connection to all applications on my phone (LAN Card)???...thanks and sorry for my bad english as i'm egyptian
    hello, can you help me plz,dear,i've bought se live with walkman w19i for 2 days and facing 2 problems on it
    i want to use my phone as modem so that can surf the internet on my lap by 3g
    (HSDPA 7.2 Mbps), but i searched in google and can't find anything helping me and don't need tethering internet option or wifi hotspots feature but i want to share my 3g connection as a modem to my laptop but pc companion doesn't have any modem driver installed and can't use sony pc suite also.so plz help me.
    i finally found a program (BlueDun 1.14) that's not exact i need but it can satisfy me now but this program connected successfully as wifi and shared to mylaptop but can't connect with 3g coverage H that thing exact i want it .
    when i using this program as wifi it install a new modem (bluetooth dun modem) on my laptop that exact i need but with usb cable and 3g not wifi that's my 1st problem.
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