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  • Savoxis,

    I have an ally and an incredible too. On the calendar in your ally Roms take a look at business calendar free on the play store. Have you done any Roms on the incredible?
    hai i am new in this forum,i like this topic, hey can u guys plz help us in port Android to our Samsung Star Mobile

    Samsung Star's Specifications are...........

    S3C2410 ( CPU )

    S3 (System LSI) : Microcontroller

    C (Small Classification) : MASK ROM

    2 (Core) : 32-bit ARM9

    410 : ARM 9 Series (920T)

    Features : MMU, NAND Flash Boot Loader, ROM/SRAM/SDRAM Control, STN/TFT LCD Control, Touch Panel Control, MMC/SD Card, USB, 10bit ADC

    Speed : 200MHz,266MHz

    can u plz help us in our Official StarDroid Website Home - StarDroid

    or in our Official StarDroid Facebook Group
    Log In | Facebook

    plz help guys
    Hey man, I had to re-format my sd card and I guess I lost my recovery (ra 1.2.5) it's on my sd but I can't reflash anything. ROM mgr is really irritating me, esp since I paid for prem. a while ago and it don't do dik so i haven't been using it. I can't get into any kind of recovery except that ****in' fastboot and I don't know how to do anything with that! Help me holmes, or send me elsewhere or whatever! Sorry to hit you up at home and all cuz You're busy .. I just need a quick fix!! Thanx man..
    What software are you planning on using to make apps for the thunderbolt?
    A Hot Water Recirculation System is a continuous loop of slow-moving warm water that constantly circulates hot water through the pipes from the hot water heater to the furthest fixture.
    I also saw you joined my HTC Thunderbolt group.Are you looking forward to the thunderbolt? I know I am.
    Welcome to the Droid Incredible social group. Feel free to post any questions or comments you have and enjoy the forum.
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