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  • Been a long time old friend. Every once in a while I think about this place. Nice to see you are still active. Soooo much has changed
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    scary alien
    Hey Noe :).

    Great to hear from you again!

    Yeah, the site's a bit different and things have certainly changed quite a bit from our old Eris days, eh? :)

    Hope you and your family are doing well.

    All the best and take care!

    scary alien, it is I - @LOveWerks. I went and looked at my last PM with you, so, hello - my scary friend. It's been awhile. I'm married, and relocated to Colorado, USA. We have a beautiful home, and The Rockies for a backdrop. PM me when you get a chance. LW
    scary alien
    Hey, @LOveWerks :).

    Sorry for the belated reply--didn't notice my visitor/profile post message (don't see too many of these nowadays :).

    Colorado's a beautiful place--been a long while since I've been there, though.

    Hope you're doing well and had a Happy 4th of July!

    Why isn't anyone answering my posts? Is it me? or is it the way I post my questions
    I can't figure this out. It doesn't matter what recovery img I use for the HTC Desire 626s. When I go to put the phone into reboot recovery mode. The phone dumps out to normal boot and the phone is back in regular operation un-rooted. I have been at it for a week already. If I could affored the ZTE Warp Elite. I would go for it in a heart beat.
    I don't know what I am going to do then. The app that I use for my backup ISP needs the phone to be rooted. I tie my laptop into the cell phone via the usb cable so the laptop can get internet via the cell phone. This is for when the main dsl ISP is down. I live in an apt complex and the drunks are always driving in to fast, miss the turn and mow down the dsl junction box.
    You can report to everyone. The prog Kingo root works on the Boost Mobile (Sprint) HTC desire 626s. The phone is now rooted
    i really just need help getting my computer to recognize my phone, its like the other guy but my phone is att not sprint
    plzzz help me
    scary alien
    Devon, apologies for not seeing this before now...with the new forum switch, I didn't get a heads-up or know that I had new visitor messages (at least that's what they were called when AF was on vBulletin). I don't really know or have any experience with LG devices or regarding your questions. Hopefully you've already posted a thread and gotten help by now.

    Cheers and best of luck!
    Things I tried:
    Hard reset
    Booting to download mode
    Booting to recovery mode.
    Nothing had worked. D:

    i found out that it used D802_AutoRec.apk instead of D800_AutoRec.apk plz help me i saw that you helped the guy in this video and was wondering if you cold help me my phone has been stuck like this for a week now plz help
    I was trying to install TWRP on my LG G2 using AutoREC, and when I rebooted the phone, on the screen it said:
    [860] Fastboot mode started
    And when plugged in it says:
    [860] Fastboot mode started
    [1080] -reset-
    [1090] -portchange-
    [1100] -reset-
    [1110] -portchange-
    Part The Third:

    Am I paranoid? I worked for a company that used a health insurance adjudicator in San Francisco. The day after the earthquake (in 1989? Some time around then), I had to call them to get information I really needed immediately. As soon as they answered the phone, I realized the mistake I'd made. The day after their building was reduced to rubble? "No problem", she assured me. "It took a few hours to get settled into this temporary office, and the techs got all our backups into the rented computers. What information did you need again?" If that doesn't pound "back it up to two destinations" into someone's head, nothing will. One backup was off-site. (They used Iron Mountain, and the earthquake was a minor annoyance to IM's vault.)
    Part The Second:

    My phone is backed up to the laptop I use daily. It's also backed up to an SD card at my daughter's house. (My house could burn down, taking the phone and the laptop with it.) The laptop backup goes to Dropbox. Cost (other than doing it every week)? About $10 for each of two SD cards. (When I make a new backup, I swap cards with her.) (Continued again - 1,000 characters?)
    I know it's an old post -

    But backups should be made to TWO devices other than the phone. If your computer's hard drive crashes just as you've bricked the phone, or the file became corrupted months ago, but you never really check it after making it and verifying it, you have no way to recover the phone.

    The likelihood of your phone bricking, your hard drive crashing and Dropbox failing all at the same time are unthinkable. Add a flash drive or SD card, and the universe won't last long enough for you to have a problem. (Continued)
    hi, i wonder if you could help me?, i am trying to identify the year that my htc wildfire s was made!? ive searched all over and can't find an explanation!? thank you in advance
    Hello and good morning! I have a question, perhaps you could point me in the right direction. I wanted to find a way to create a flashable rom from the system currently on my phone. I've been experimenting a little, and want to learn how. I debloated my phone, and want to see what it is like to make it into a rom I can flash. I searched the web and decided that someone here would be able to give me better instructions and methods than what I see out there. Thanks!
    I posted this in the forum but not sure if I even put it in the right area so I figure I would post this here as well. It is regarding my Rooted Kyocera Event:

    Personally I think its a kick ass little phone. It is my root experiment you could say! This is the first android I have rooted andhonestly I would like to know what kind of fun little tweaks I can do with it. I rooted it using Poot and of course have Superuser and Rootcheck basic installed. Also Rom Toolbox. So please anyone, I would really love to start playing with the cool little toys I spent hours trying to find and download!
    Thank you again for your thank you, I think.
    Anyway, do you know if a copy of the PWNAGE TOOL exists out there without a virus attached? I am leery of using links after seeing this. I've seen posts in this forum stating that virus software for android is unnecessary. I am rethinking that one
    Hello S.C., thank you for your thank you. But what I need is an opinion of the list I put together for rooting my LG Spectrum. Does it look OK to you? Did I miss anything? I wanted to be sure I had all of the steps covered, but after all the reading and answers I received from this forum, I thought posting a list may just help someone else be successful, without having to go through what I did. SO, is it OK? Please let me know.

    So i have a HTC One X, my screen is froze and we have tried everything.... i have a new one sitting here but i need the pictures off the frozen screen phone... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out!!!!
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