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  • damn so sorry guys. I have never not once seen any of these messages in my profile..! I use tapatalk for the forums and it doesn't show this. always respond to pms though :(
    hi i seen your post alot and see that you know whats up sooo.... i just put GB01 on my samsung galaxy s2 (boost) (SPH-D710BST) is there any way to get clockworkmod recovery? or something like it? ive looked on the forums but not really sure where to look
    maybe you can help me. I was lookiing through this forum a few weeks ago and found some links and threads on how to root my epic touch. I followed the instructions to the T and my phone would turn on, but not get past the Logo screen. I ended up returning it for a new one within the 30 day purchase date. I really want to root this one, but am so confused and scared because of the last time. Is there a good step by step on how to do it?
    hey whats up thanks again for last night what is the deference between installing a rom for zte warp and the Samsung because i used to install roms all the time on the warp it was easy on Samsung it seems a little more detailed and i don't want to screw my phone
    if there's anyway i can help with your one stop epic 4g touch, let me know, so far i have no force closes or anything with baked blackbean but the gps issue is really annoying, having to oneclick back to tw then mobile odin to directbooot EL29 Safe Restore then flash current choice of rom just to fix any GPS issue is the current issue, any suggestions or testing i am willing to do
    Hi man , thanks again for the help and that other thing. got a tablet ???. looked in the forums and couldnt find it, now dont laugh, MID M729B 7in google android 4.0 ICS. all the reviews call it like it is a cheap tablet, but I see a chance to tweak the hell out of it. any suggestions on a new OS for it. if anything I'll just root it load it up with kids games for my grandneice.
    Thank you very much man. That worked like you said!. Now time to see what I can do ^.^
    I really appreciate you taking the time to help with this man.
    I hope you're making progress on the .zip for easy root of the galaxy s2. I'll be getting it in a couple of weeks and would love to be able to root it that way. Good luck.
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