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  • Well, sounds like you messed it up pretty bad. Sorry I forget if its rooted or not still, but if it is you could go try the unbrick method recently posted in the Droid 3 section. It may or may not work. If you can't do anything about it. unroot the device and go to Verizon show it to them and you'll get a brand new one.
    I did delete .apks by accident, but I reloaded them using a System/App folder that I downloaded from MediaFire, replacing them in the System/App folder using Root Explorer, and then rebooted the phone. I changed the permissions and ownership of each, and everything seemed to go back to normal. The problem is that the phone will brick even if I don't touch anything. If I don't use it for 20 minutes or so, it freezes. Sometime it takes another 20 minutes to freeze again, sometime 30 seconds, if I happen to try to open an application or folder and it decides to freeze. There does not seem to be a pattern to it. The gallery incident seems to be the only thing working differently than it was before I rooted the device, which is why I brought it up.
    Did you delete any .apks trying to remove bloatware from your phone after rooting it? If so you probably deleted one that uses those settings. If the phone is only freezing when you do those certain things an alternative gallery app is quickpic that you could use.
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