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  • I never had an issue when I was on Apex 2.0 (although I'm actually trying out Cyanogen Mod right now). I assume if it is booting that you wiped data/cache, cache, and Dalvik Cache when you installed it. My suggestion would be to SBF back to 2.340 (use the 4th SBF file listed here). Then use the two part upgrade to get gingerbread and then flash the Apex 2.0 RC2 version. I realize that is some work and you'll loose all your settings and apps during the process (using Titanium Backup really makes it easy to recover the apps), but it should get you back to a stable phone. I have not heard a great number of people having data issues, so I think going back to square one and starting over should correct the issue.

    Good luck!

    Hey I see that your running Apex 2.0 on your droid x. Are you having trouble connecting to the internet on 3g? Just wondering because I just flashed Apex yesterday and now my 3g is not working. Thanks for the help
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