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  • hey smart man was wondering installing cwm and installing cw threw the program is safe on the public mobile? i am rooted n861 phone. also do you have the stolk rom that gos with the n861 public mobile?
    AV 2.3.5

    have warp n860B01 Kernal kernal@Zdroid-SMT
    SW Version N860V1.0.0B10
    HW Version c4tB

    someone sent me a zip it goes to docs to go then i cant download it without paying anaway tried easy root TWRP stalls 5 secs in plzzzz help
    Hi, I hate to bother you but I have a N860 Public Mobile phone in the process to get the twrp installed, i get all the way to the fastboot reboot step and i get an error message, I managed to root the phone through another program but am going to reset to factory and do the walkthrough again. if you have a easier way to get voltron on this phone or know of a better PM rom I would greatly appreciate it!
    Good day,

    I was told to tell you that LilBit sent me.

    I really hope you can help me. I'm going to post my question from where LilBit told me to contact you.

    I live in a very remote area where the only cell service available to me is CDMA 800/1900. I currently use a blackberry 9350 because it is the only phone sold in the area.

    I want to get an android. Am I understanding it correctly that as long as the phone's network is CDMA 800/1900 it will work in my area? My provider, Bell Canada said they will activate it for me.

    My next problem... I really like the Samsung Galaxy S2. I can only find it in Sprint locked versions. Is it easy to unlock and can I? And should it work in my area?

    I'm also open to any other phone suggestions that should work in my area.

    Thanks and I really hope you can help
    Hi smartmanvartan,

    I have an old Zte N762 that I want to use with magic jack and as a "media center" I rooted the phone and installed a new rom from Lemyster that works wonderfully. I've been fooling with the phone for 2 days and I was under the impression I could zap the public mobile stuff, completely disable the phone and only use the wi-fi
    to make a long story short., turn the phone into an Ipod touch "for the kids"

    Any Ideas on how to get there ?
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