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  • I'm not sure which case you mean, "the one with the clip" so I'll just tell you where to get them problem solved. ;]

    Seidio Active X -
    Otterbox Impact Series -
    Platinum Case - or local BestBuy

    Message me if I didn't answer your question.
    I would not recommend buying the Impact Series for the Captivate. The rubber is very flimsy and attracts all kinda of dirt and dust. The at&t logo shows a little as well when the case is on. The Seidio Active X case is a case I would recommend. The rubber on the case does not attract dirt and dust plus, it comes with a hard plastic spine for more protection. The Otterbox case adds some bulk to the phone while the Active X does not add much. I would purchase the Otterbox Defender Series but, not the Impact or the Commuter series, for now, just stick with the Seidio Active X. You won't be disappointed, I promise.
    Hello! If you have any questions or would just like to talk about something message me and I'll be sure to message back as soon as possible. Thanks!
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