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  • please put your stuff at sdx developers it is a much cleaner user's interface i hope that you would consider the mods there are very proactive to keep things clean and usefull sdx is the best i love it
    i want to send you some beers but im such a noob i dont have paypal im goong to get it just so i can buy you a Beer
    Hay whyzor,

    Totally Triumph unrelated but the list of members I can count on for this question is very short. Just rooted my Kindle Fire and downloaded No-frills from the Market. Was able to set Noop as the IO on the stock Kindle Rom but the Governor list consists of hotplug, ondemand, userspace and performance. Subtracting userspace and performance from the equation my Kindles performance increase is very noticeable using hotplug and Quadrant score increases by 300 on average. Thing is, I can find very little about how hotplug behaves and what I have found is very conflicting and somewhat suspect. Was just wondering if you have any knowledge on the subject. Unlike my phone I can deal with a bit of battery lose for a performance increase as both devices will serve and be used for two completely different functions. Anyhow if you have the time any info you could provide would be appreciated.
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