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  • I'm sure which Archos you have, but this forum may be able to help you. I don't use or own one so I'm sorry I can't be of much help ARCHOS 101 - Android Forums
    Hey bro I was wondering if you could help me out I got a replacement for my DX and it came with stock. 596 do you know what the best method to get me to the rooted .596 would be? Or if you can't help can you point me to someone who can?
    Hey, what apps did you use to setup all the times and weather? Can you give me the wallpapers too? It is the picture of the tatted up chick with blue background. And can I get the background of the chick from behind too.
    I have been searching forums for weeks but can't find a place to actually download some of the Roms and kernels mentioned. I know about "the incredible list" but Lou's kernel you have isn't there. Could you help? Thanks in advance,
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