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  • https://www.dropbox.com/s/5veas6rnm7s2ekn/unzip%20and%20rename%20to%20%20.efs_backup.zip?dl=0

    heres my efs backup... idk if it will help but im tryin.

    download and rename to .efs_backup (thats why the name is what it is)

    so, download esfile.apk from play store
    tap settings and then tools, then turn on :show hidden files"
    now, go to your sd card
    make a new folder named "clockworkmod"
    open that folde4r and make yet another folder inside it named "backup" (no "")
    Now, move my backup to the backup folder you just made.

    reboot into philz recovery
    go backup/restore, i think its advanced restore, then restore efs from sdcard1. its not verbatim, but you will find it in there.
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