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  • Im afraid my magic has worn off :(! My Ally was untouched by any of the issues for a good 2 weeks, but by the 3rd week I was unfortunately hit by the dreaded signal bug. See, there is a bug that alot of the Allys have that makes it so that your Ally has to do ALOT more work to find a cell tower signal. Check in your battery usage and click on "Cell Stand By" look for "Time without a signal". My ally usually says around 98%.

    It shouldnt be that high. Whenever youre searching for a signal like that, it takes alot alot of battery out of your phone. Im sorry I cant be much of assistance. Now my Ally gets around 14-16 hours at best. It used to get well over 24 hours! So I got a Moto Droid instead.
    Sorry to bother you from reading some posts your battery on your ally lasts forever and on the two my wife and I have they don't. I was wondering if you run any programs that might help or if you might have any ideas... My wife used her phone for 4 texts and 1 phone call and in 6 hours it was down to 58% without her using it more then those few times, mine is the same and it seems to die faster. I tried going to a store and they want to run a battery test. I just thought I would see if you might have anything that might help. Thanks.

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