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  • Hello
    Can I follow your post to unroot my captivate with the zip file you attached. I have a Captivate with 2.2 rooted with onc click. I cannot get any PC to see it. I have tried every trick I have read about on a many different forums. Also with a vaiety of different PC's. The only thing I can think of is to email or put a file on my phone and boot to it as you describe in your post "Here's how you Unroot your captivate". I just need to get my phone to connect to my PC's then I could either ODIN3 it back to stock and then move on to GB?
    I need help. My phone is messed up as I had to reformatt it when I was trying a manuver recomended to get it to hook up. Now it is messed up but works. I have used Titanium to resore it but it is funky.
    Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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