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general tablet talk

  1. A

    Power pack won't charge tablet

    "I have an Anker 13000 battery pack charger. It charges my Galaxy S5 fine but when I plug it into my Tab S it will not charge the tablet. I swapped the cable I use with the S5 for the cable I use to charge the tablet from the wall charger, but still no charging? I then tried various...
  2. satanicnazijuggalo

    please help me find a tablet

    [ ] Long ago I bought a nook tablet at the first price drop and successfully rooted it. it was stolen in a matter of weeks. i pretty much ignored tablets from that point to about 9 montha ago. in the past months i have become obsessed with rooting another device so i can explore the capabilities...
  3. T

    Help TMAX 9'' Assistance

    A couple of years ago, I got a TMAX 9'' tablet. A little while after that, maybe about a year, the battery basically stopped working. I could only use it when it was charging. A few months after THAT, and the charger stopped working too. I don't know why I didn't do this when it actually stopped...
  4. N

    How can I use my tablet as a typewriter?

    Hello! I have a ASUS Transformer TF300 and a USB keyboard with an adapter which I only use to as a typewriter at university. Sadly, the screen of the tablet somehow cracked in a line across the device, which probably messed up the touchscreen and now when I turn on the device the touchscreen...
  5. mystvearn

    Could not locate the Tab A 10.1 (2016) forum subsection

    Hi, This tablet is sold in quite numbers, but I could not locate the specific thread for it. I see other Samsung 10.1 tablets and it does not seem to be this tablet. Would like to ask owners of the tablets few questions.
  6. lusanhero

    Need long life device to replace my Wikireader

    I've been using wikireader for a long time in remote places with no internet. It has helped many times in Africa. Sadly now there is no more support, so I need a device that can run offline wikipedia and has very long battery life or ability to use alkaline cell batteries. Any suggestions?
  7. R

    looking for info on a certified mdi-m514 tablet

    That's wright the brand name is Certified. I found this on Ebay. I got this Certified mid- M514 Android 4.4.2 Tablet 10" with 8GB's of storage and a 16GB HDD in it. It arrive on Monday via UPS. I never heard of this brand of tablet before. Does anyone know were I can find the manufacturer's web...
  8. J

    Help Help

    I had recently bought a TV Android box It's the MXQ pro 4k ... I bought this version for my daughter the deal is every single game she goes to download it says that this device cannot download this version how do I fix this is there a software firmware I've tried a bunch of different things
  9. B

    Stuck in Odin mode

    samsung galaxy tab A 8.0 stuck in Odin mode on the boot screen. Will not boot into recovery.
  10. I

    Lenovo Yoga Book vs Chuwi HiBook Pro

    Hey guys, I hope I'm posting in the correct section (I'm new). I'm looking for a new tablet but I'm not sure how much I want to spend. I've seen this comparison around and I was wondering what's your opinion? It's the just released Lenovo Yoga Book vs the latest Chuwi HiBook Pro. Similar...
  11. P

    Any Android Tablet With 2+ USB Ports?

    I have a wireless keyboard that for some stupid reason does not use Bluetooth. It is a Logitech product and has a proprietary wireless adapter, that connects to the tablet by the USB port. It works fine, but the side effect of this architecture is that I cannot leave the tablet charging. Is...
  12. AndroidHumanoid

    Got A New Software Update & I am Scared

    I don't wanna download it. Android is notorious for horrible OS updates that just ruin the life span of a phone. I don't know what to do. I really don't wanna download it. This is for LG X Pad 8.0 on T-Mobile.
  13. droidbillh

    Best Utility To Transfer IPad to ASUS Zenpad Z8 ?

    What is the best utility to transfer the contents of a IPad to a ASUS Zenpad Z8 ?
  14. A


    Please ,can anybody inform me about the age limit for up coming PMS?
  15. C

    Help 7-8'' tablet with integrated keyboard?

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a 7-8'' tablet with: 32GB internal storage (yes, I need this much despite the microSD) microSD slot and some kind of integrated keyboard, i.e. ideally one that integrates well with the tablet, e.g that acts as cover. The galaxy tab s 8.4 had a good keyboard cover...
  16. P

    Help Acer switch 10 android x86

    Hello everyone! I have an acer switch 10, with Android x86. however, it doesn't have optimal performance. I was hoping I could get all the bugs ironed out. The first issue, is there is no sound. This is a minor issue, compared to the fact that almost every time I rotate the screen, Android...
  17. D

    recommend a successor to Galaxy Tab 2

    I received a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7" screen) from one of my sons three years ago as a birthday gift. It's really been good and I've enjoyed having it. But now it's acting a bit long in the tooth and I find it less responsive than it used to be. Three years in the electronics world can be a...
  18. King Mustard

    Accessories UK Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70F owners - What does your plug look like?

    I have the tablet and a lot of random plugs here and I want to match the correct plug to the tablet.
  19. boyam99

    how to make slow,lagging irulu cheap tablet faster

    I have a irulu tablet.I flashed it with the correct firmware.Sometimes it lags and freezes.Sometimes it reboots.I have a firmware editing tool that could let me modify the system file's and boot animation.Ram expander says my kernel isn't swap compatible.How do you make a kernel swap...
  20. boyam99

    any custom recovery for all winner devices?

    I am looking for a custom recovery for my a33 allwinner device.Any one have a idea where I could look?
  21. boyam99

    My tablet is stuck on boot logo

    I can't boot into recovery it anything.It was because of xposed modules.Can someone help me?
  22. A

    Camera streaming from Tab 2

    I now have a spare Tab 2 10.1 and would like to connect it to a camera to streaming only i.e. only show current view no recording (this will be used on a hidden track area of my model railway to check track occupation) What camera (?USB) would work and what software. Physically the tablet will...
  23. Amy mcbride

    Android Aimko Tablet Questions

    I got this terribly lousy Aimko, 7" Quad Core, brand new, for free. Not sure which forum to post in, because Aimko not in list of tablets. Only thing I may do with it is watch video. Anyways, does anyone know how to close apps on it? I have galleries, browsers, settings, music player, and...
  24. B

    Is there a list of Android Tablets with Sim Card Slots?

    I am looking for a list as I can get a data sim card from Google Fi. Thanks in advance
  25. chitownkick

    Tablet in recovery mode but no menu

    I have this very cheap tablet from Polaroid and the model is PTAB7XC. I forgot the password and try to reset it. When I get into the recovery mode I could not see the menu to choose. I tried many difference way, but none of them could bring the menu up. Any help would be appreciated.