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acer a1

  1. K

    Root Hahaha

  2. J

    32 GB memory card

    I would like to get a 32 GB memory card for my A100 but I notice that there are two types. One is a type 4 and the other has no type number specified on it. What is the difference. Which do I want.
  3. S

    Acer Liquid A1 - Upgrade to 2.2 / 2.3 How?

    Want to update the OS to 2.2 / 2.3 from 2.1 Update1 (kernel2.6.9 build Acer_liquid_E_1.100.09.AAP_GEN2. Need a comprehensive step by step guide! :confused:
  4. H

    Internal Part?

    Could anyone tell me what this part of the phone actually doess at it got damaged during the dissesembly process and cannot be used.It is shown in the image below. Thanks
  5. Jayziac

    Liquid Metal Froyo ROM running on A1/E with 25% performance gain

    The Liquid Metal Froyo ROM was ported to Liquid A1/E recently, I went from 700-800 quadrant scores to 900-1000 after the upgrade, it feels noticeably faster too. Also updated apps, especially camera. Here's where to find it: CDTeam FroYoMetal V2.5 from Metal dump - Android @ MoDaCo Official...
  6. A

    Call Recording on Acer A1...?

    Does Acer A1... 1) Comes with native call recording functionality...? 2) Support call recording with 3rd party applications...? (not using the speakerphone) Thanks. Reference: http://androidforums.com/android-lounge/181663-android-phone-call-recording-function.html#post1623446
  7. HustlinDaily

    Acer 2.2 Leak :)

    Newest Build: Liquid A1 (256MB RAM) ONLY- http://www.mcboydesign.fr/?p=109 Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! (FOR LIQUID E (512MB RAM) ONLY) To install: 1) Make sure you have Acer Liquid drivers installed- MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file...
  8. HustlinDaily

    Root All Things Root (Acer Liquid A1) Guide [UPDATED 8/30/10]

    What Is Root? Mostly from the CyanogenMod Wiki, Cyanogenmod Wiki Terminology : Obtaining root ("administrator", or "full") access to your phone. This means you can mount its internal memory partition as read/write, which lets you do various things: have Wi-Fi tethering, uninstall applications...
  9. HustlinDaily

    Acer Liquid Phone Guide: Information, Eclair Update, Bugs, Tips & More! [UPDATED: 8/31/10]

    GENERAL: Acer Liquid Manual Acer Liquid Specs The Ultimate Liquid Guide - MoDaCo Acer Liquid Drivers For Windows (2 Mirrors)- MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service AcerLiquidDrivers.zip - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download...
  10. H

    eclair help!

    I was trying to upgrade and I got this message after it told me to connect the phone: "We are sorry! You cannot upgrade your Acer Liquid using this image please download the image of your model. Your phone model is: CSL" it also said I have the wrong image for my device and to download it...
  11. S

    Root Major problem whilst trying to root!

    When following the how to root acer liquid on Unlockr, I came across my phone not rebooting and sticking to a black screen, just after putting in superboot. I know some other people have this problem with the newer OS or something. However, no one comes up with a solution for it.. Is there...
  12. C

    mobile internet configuation

    I am having problems setting up my phone's mobile internet configuration. i know how to do it and unticked the disable feature but it still isnt able to connect to the internet. any ideas?
  13. S

    Anyway to save app settings when updating your phone?

    IS there anyway to keep the settings/data of your apps on your phone when you update? When i last updated I ad to re-instal apps, which im fine with, kind of cleans up my phone, but I still want those settings saved so i can resume from before. For example, game Scores and whatever, i dont...
  14. D

    acer a1 on 2.1 in uk

    2.1 update is now available on the acer uk website installs version 1.100.13.EMEA.CUS1, done it about 2hrs ago working great
  15. R

    Broken soft, i can't charge my phone, how to reset?

    I just can't charge my acer liquid a1. When i try to do this the diplay turn on and the battery appears empty. Can you tell me how to reset my phone because i can't use it. I have tried some combinations but nothing, without battery.
  16. F

    what is kernel and build number?

    Please explain.... After reading, i am confuse. what is build number and kernel? what do they do? there is a "OS_Acer_2.000.16.EMEA.CUS1_A16D_A.zip" on the official acer site, is that firmware or build number?
  17. T

    Root Newbie Friendly How To's w/ Instructional Videos

    Hello, Thought I'd share the updated How To's we have up on the site. All complete with easy to follow videos for newbies. How To Setup ADB - http://theunlockr.com/2009/10/06/how-to-set-up-adb-usb-drivers-for-android-devices/ How To Load a Theme -...
  18. F

    Acer Liquid E launch!!! Where is our update >.<

    Service & Support is android 2.1 coming soon to Acer Liquid? not sure whether can download the firmware and flash on to Acer Liquid...
  19. L

    need help please

    Dear all I'm new user for the Acer Liquid and new for the Andriod system so you may found my questions stupid Well could any one help me to know how to do the following: 1- how can I browse my mobile and the microSD card while installed on my Acer Liquid. I mean from the phone menu!? 2-...
  20. Jayziac

    Froyo (from N1) running on Acer Liquid

    YouTube - Froyo on Acer Liquid Most of the drivers don't work yet, but it's good progress.
  21. HustlinDaily

    Acer Liquid 2 Announced!

    Found this over at Modaco- YouTube - Upcoming Acer Smartphones including Liquid 2 It is at like 4:20 into the video- 3.7" LED screen, 1GHz, TV out (guessing HDMI but did not say), gaming w/ 3d capability. It has 3 media keys on the bottom which look really ugly. Don't think I would upgrade...
  22. HustlinDaily

    Root Why doesn't multitouch work on the Opera browser?

    Anybody have LCR 1.4.1 who knows this. It works on the default browser (no idea which browser that it) and mulitouch works on the maps. I recently dl'd opera 5 and for some reason, it didn't work there. I've heard all these great things about Opera but w/o multitouch, not really feeling it. If...
  23. HustlinDaily

    Root Which ROM are you using?

    Which ones have you tried? How do you like it? How well is it functioning for daily use?
  24. Jayziac

    Got rid of stock screen protector for better sensitivity

    I just replaced the stock screen protector that came with my Acer Liquid with a cheap one that I ordered on ebay (3 for $1.69 shipped). The ebay version is thinner and helps the Liquid register touches better. Just thought I'd share for those who are having touchscreen problems.
  25. N

    Acer Liquid A1 - Root ?

    Hi There, As subject, could anyone gives instruction how to root this device ? Many thanks :)