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acer liquid metal

  1. G

    Unable to link dalvik-cache files with Link2sd Plus

    Because of memory shortage I rooted my phone and installed Link2sd; initially the free version, but needing more memory freed up, I recently upgraded to the Plus version. I followed the instructions about creating a partition on the card (though it isn't clear to me if that was necessary: the...
  2. G

    Help Think ive bricked my acer LM

    Hi guys i think i have wrecked my Acer LM the phone will not load past the splash screen. I dont know what to do Please help :mad:
  3. S

    Help Problem with Capacitative buttons

    Hello, I am using a Acer Liquid Metal S120 for the past 14 mnths now running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. I have had no trouble with it yet except for the normal internal memory hassles as I still haven't rooted. However, recently my phone is displaying some very strange behavior. My...
  4. D

    Help SOUND

    I can only carry conversation using the loudspeaker, earpiece is inaudible. What could be wrong?
  5. M

    Help phone hangs at startup

    Hi, I have a Liquid Metal (not rooted) which hangs on startup. The Acer logo displays as well as the Android screen. After that it goes black and a notification sound can be heard every 30 - 60s. When I connect it via USB to a PC the battery charging symbol is displayed. I guess the sound...
  6. S

    I have aproblem with low internal storage(newbie)

    I just bought acer liquid metal a few weeks ago,and I only manage to download a few apps only bcoz of the low internal storage.I've used the Link2sd but it still have low memory.does anyone know how to solve this problem?
  7. D-U-R-X

    Liquid Metal FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Liquid...
  8. B

    Help Clear internal memory

    My Acer Liquid MT (Gingerbread) has a persistent "low on memory" notification. I have moved all possible apps to the SD card but I still only have 16MB available - which means I can't run GMail to get my emails. Apart from rooting the phone to eliminate some of Acer's own clutter, does...
  9. A

    Questions before I buy

    Hi guys im planning to buy this amazing phone.. I wanted to know some things.. 1)Is this phone reliable and sturdy and without any major problems?? 2)Is it possible to completely get rid of Breeze UI and install another one?? (By completely, I mean getting rid of the lockscreen also) 3)The...
  10. D

    Help Change UI to Vanilla

    Hi I want to change the UI from Breeze to vanilla, I have tried settings>applications but there is no option to change the UI, is there another way round this? TIA
  11. S

    Help Liquid metal: poor call quality

    When using my liquid metal to make calls, the person I am calling often complains that I sound low or distant. After swapping phones with someone else and listening to how my sounds, it's like the mic is faulty. However, using Viber, the call quality is brighter, so I doubt if the mic is...
  12. S

    Help Acer Liquid Metal: Unable to access the internet via my wireless

    I recently got an Acer Liquid Metal for my birthday, but for some reason, i am unable to access the internet via my wireless network. I have entered my wireless network details and have saved the network, and it says that it is connected. When "connected" it also shows the signal strength...
  13. N

    Help Twitter and SocialJogger

    Is anyone else having problems signing into their Twitter account on SocialJogger? Facebook is fine, and I can sign in to the Twitter app without any problems, but Twitter on SocialJogger just doesn't want to know - it says that my username or password is incorrect. Any ideas, anyone?
  14. ShadowDAW

    Help Can't save Contacts to Phone

    Hi everyone I guess I got a problem with my acer phone. I tried resetting with and without SD card, formated the SD card, but nothing works. I Rooted my phone a couple of days ago and removed couple of apps I didn't need (like spinlet and stuff) Now here's the problem... Whenever I try...
  15. bstock

    Help Why the different free storage readings.

    Hi This is bugging me: settings/applications/storage use = int storage 120mb free settings/storage = internal storage available space 90.37mb Quite a variation :confused:
  16. T

    Root tried z4root and super one click no luck

    Ok guys story so far i have brought a acer liquid metal and just wanted to move stuff over to the memory card and delete some stuff.But when i run z4root When i try this on my acer all i get is "trying to root" then the screen goes black.After a few mins the phone asks me if i want to wait or...
  17. C

    Help Acer Liquid MT WiFi problem

    I've just acquired an unlocked Acer Liquid MT running Android 2.3.6. It connects to WiFi in my home OK but after a variable period, minutes or hours, I see that WiFi is still "on" but not connected. If I toggle WiFi off-on I get "Error" and no WiFi. Rebooting the phone allows me to reestablish...
  18. V

    Help How do I text of group of contacts?

    Hi, I've added a bunch of contacts to a group. I want to send a text to everyone in that group. On my previous piece-of-crap, cheapo Nokia all I had to do was select the group name and I could send a text to up to 20 contacts in one go. Please tell me it's possible on my groovy android...
  19. F

    Help WhatsApp on Sprint HTC eVO 4G NOT free

    I have been going round and round with Sprint who has been charging me for International WhatsApp messages to the UK. Whats App claims this is impossible that messages travel via data connection or WIFI and hence should not be charged to my Sprint act as individual International Messages, but...
  20. B

    Help Regional Setting

    My old HTC Hero offered me English - US and English - UK as regional options. My new Acer Liquid MT only offers me English which is actually English - US. This is not a major challenge but does mean that apps that call the system for things like currency I am presented with "$" rather than any...
  21. B

    Help Playing music

    I recently switched from an HTC Hero to a new Acer Liquid MT (Android 2.3.6) and, with a few reservations - which will appear in other new threads, I've been quite pleased. I do have one bug-bear, however, and it's Music. I like to plug my phone into my car (via the headphone socket and an AUX...
  22. B

    Help screen issues

    I had to send in my original Acer s120 and got a loaner phone (same one). I Accidently dropped it on the floor and the screen went black, everything else works.. buttons works when pressed even though i cant see anything, still turns on and rings as normal if someone is calling ( even thought i...
  23. bstock

    Help How To Remove Background in Gallery

    Hi, New to smartphones and am very pleased with my acer. Have been playing around with different options apps etc and somehow I have a background (based on one of the images) on my Gallery which is annoying and distorted. Anyone know how to get rid of background image. The phone isn't rooted...
  24. S

    Root Stock Apps uninstalled but still low memory

    Acer Liquid Metal Android 2.3.6. Rooted phone so as to be able to uninstall some stock apps (Roadsync, docstogo, urfooz,spinlets). Apps uninstalled ok using Root Uninstall and now don't show up in launcher or Manage Applications. However, the expected increase in free space hasn't appeared...
  25. V

    Help Troubles starting a new Acer Liquid Metal

    Hello everyone, I've had this Acer Metal working with only few problems to mention for 3 weeks! BUT now, it got blocked for a while and I had to restart it. The problem is that it won't restart. I see Acer Android and the green bugs at the start, then ANDROID screen (as though it is...