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alcatel onetouch conquest

  1. guermo

    Help established mobile hotspot add-on through boost. netbook shows phone and it are connected...

    ... but no network access. Have tried a few diagnostics to no avail. Suggestions?
  2. Phases

    Great cheap Boost Mobile 5" device

  3. Odin89

    Root Recovery needed

    Devs!! Theres not a lot online about the phone as it is still quite fresh to the market. I have root access, knowledge of adb and fastboot and still within my 14 day return policy, even if you don't have the device I could pull from it whatever you may need. let's do this! I am willing to flash...
  4. Odin89

    A great device.

    So, I got this phone for $37 after tax, rite out of the box at boost mobile for porting over my # from clear talk. Its an amazing promo and well well worth the device. Has a big 5" screen, a fwd facing camera that's better than a lot of their more expensive phones like warp sync, 2mgpxl vs...
  5. Odin89

    Root Rooting Alcatel One Touch Conquest

    Hey all, you can root the phone with kingo root apk 4.6, I personally don't like kingo, so I replaced it and removed all associated files after root using this guide. http://zidroid.com/how-to-get-ride-and-replace-kinguser-with-supersu-app/