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amazon kindle fire

  1. J

    Help Switching tablets: can I keep my game progress?

    I'm thinking of getting the new Fire HD 8, but I have progress on several games on my current Fire and I'd hate to lose that. As far as I know, there aren't any cloud saves, unless Amazon somehow does this automatically. Is there any way I can bring my game progress over to the new tablet? Thanks!
  2. J

    Help Why is the Gmail website so terrible in Silk?

    The Gmail website is a split screen view with the inbox on the left and the actual email displayed on the right. But with only half of a 7" screen, viewing anything but pure text emails this way is awful. Is this just the way it displays in Silk? I checked how it looks in Chrome on my Nexus 7...
  3. J

    Help Does this Google Play Services method still work?

    Just wondering if this still works for a Fire 7 updated to the latest OS: http://www.howtogeek.com/232726/how-to-install-the-google-play-store-on-your-amazon-fire-tablet/ Also, would it work for the new HD8? Thanks! P.S. Is it better to use the script method in the above link, rather than the...
  4. J

    Help Why do random apps sometimes open when I unlock the screen?

    Hi everyone. On my Kindle Fire (2015), sometimes when I swipe the lock screen to unlock the tablet, instead of just going to the home screen as usual, some random app will launch. Sometimes it may be an app I had been using previously, other times something I haven't opened in a while. Before I...
  5. J

    Best ROM for Performance

    Hey guys, just received my Amazon Fire 7 today. Was looking to flash it and put a new ROM on it because the Fire OS is terrible! What would you guys recommend for the best performance out of the device? primary use is just browsing the web and YouTube. I was thinking Cyanogenmod.
  6. A

    Blank Screen - Amazon Fire

    Hello, I recently bought an Amazon Fire, but a few weeks on, it started to develop vertical lines down the screen. I'm unable to read the screen now, it is often blank or fuzzy. I have a replacement on the way from Amazon. But is there a process for access the data on the tablet? It is...
  7. mrrb

    Root Kindle fire hdx 7 launcher not working please help!

    I rooted my kindle successfully using kingroot but I got bored of the default launcher so I tried to switch it out with nova launcher but that didn't work so I tried to restore the default launcher but it just shows a flickering black screen but I can access the setting and I reset it but it's...
  8. M

    Kindle Fire 1st generation boot loop

    Hi everyone im new to this. I have a kindle fire 1st generation b that boots up to the logo and just loops from there. I have let it sit and charge for hours. But when i unplug the charger it turns off. It worked fine before please help
  9. salukitd

    Default startup app for Kindle fire

    Hello! I have a new Kindle fire and I was hoping that there was some way I could get the tablet to open straight to a particular app after login. This isn't for a child, actually an app that I will control my theatrical lighting console with. I want it to be as easy as possible for the...
  10. agentofshield

    Root 5th gen root

    Is there root for 5th gen fire?
  11. J

    downloading torrents on Amazon Fire

    I would like someone to give me a step-by-step guide to downloading torrents on my Amazon Kindle Fire. I would like to download music to my Kindle Fire, and then transfer those music files to my old laptop. What app do I need? A simple explanation of the process would be much appreciated.
  12. J

    What's the best way to root my Fire? Can I put Cyanogenmod on it?

    Hi everyone. I just picked up an extra Kindle Fire 7 (2015) to mess around with rooting, but everything I'm finding online seems to be dated last year. Are there any up-to-date instructions for how to root the Fire, or do the old methods still work? From my understanding, rooting doesn't...
  13. J

    If I root my Fire, do I need to install Google Play Services first?

    I just watched a video about how to root the Fire, but it seemed like the Google Play Store (and some third-party launchers) were already installed on the device before he rooted it. Does rooting alone not allow you to do this? Do I need to install Google services first before following the root...
  14. codezer0

    Help USB data works but not charging?

    So simply, fiancee's sibling asked me to take a look at his old tablet. He was mentioning that while the USB port on it seems to link up fine for moving stuff in and out of it, it's currently not charging the unit anymore. At least from what I gathered on iFixit, this unit must be an OG Kindle...
  15. A

    Root directory-es file xplor

    Hello i am using a kindle fire 7(5th gen) and i am trying to transfer media files from my internal storage to my microSD using es file explorer. When i try to move the files it pops up with a window telling me to "choose root directory sdcard1 of ext-sdcard to grant es permission to operate."...
  16. T

    My Kindle cannot connect to WIFI HELP!!

    Hi all I just bought a 4th generation Kindle. I cannot get it to connect to the wifi here I live but it will connect to the wifi at my friends house. I am not sure why is says," It has an authentication problem. However I have not been able to connect my other devices to it either, only my...
  17. J

    Help Can icons be removed from the home screen?

    On my Kindle Fire ($50), is it possible to customize the layout of the UI at all, such as removing app icons that I don't use from the home screen? Or is the home screen the same as the Android app drawer and it just shows everything? Thanks.
  18. zoxxo

    Current Kindle Fire vs. Nexus 7 (2012)

    Anybody have any feedback on comparisons between the current generation Kindle Fire vs. the Nexus 7 (2012)? The Nexus 7 won't move past Lollipop, but putting Lollipop on the tablet is a death sentence for the tablet (major performance issues). If the current Fire has better specs, I want to...
  19. K

    49.00 Kindle fire for teenage daughters?

    I have a 16 yr old and soon to be a 13 yr old, both girls. They have had ASUS 7" and 8" MEMO PAD HD's over the past 18 months and have broken / destroyed them. Since they both have had two tablets each I was considering buying the Kindle fire 7" to see if they will take care of it. They...
  20. S

    Root Rooting Kindle Fire 2012

    Hi guys, I have a Kindle Fire that I got as a gift years ago and never used. I have identified it as a Kindle Fire 2012 (SN starts with D026), and it's running 10.5.1. I've been searching for rooting instructions and I haven't found anything that seems to be specifically for this device...
  21. D

    Help KF1 Stuck

    I turn my kindle fire 1st gen on and it goes to the (white) kindle (blue) fire screen. There's text at the bottom that says "Booting..." but after an hour, the screen doesn't change. It doesn't say its connected to my PC (windows 10). The power button is green and I have tried a hard reset...
  22. D

    Help Change kindle fire is to android is with google play?

    I have a kindle fire hd 6 I won online 16 gigs and I want to run android with google play so I can use freemyapps and because android is customizable...
  23. _hunter

    [GOOGLE APPS] Google Apps installer for Kindle Fire

  24. S

    Help Help KF BRICKED!

    So I was on twrp menu and I deleted my os... And then my aunt told me to delete twrp menu so I mounted it then I deleted all the twrp files off of it. Now it shows screen of booting up for about 1 second then reboots and repeats itself.... PLEASE HELP PLEASSEEEE!!!! D;
  25. R

    Root Possible to root Kindle fire 2 (software version 10.5.1)?

    I've searched the web (including this forum) but I can't find a method to root the Kindle Fire 2 with software version 10.5.1. (Apparently earlier software versions were rootable.) Help?