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android 10

  1. V

    Remi 7 Rooting Android 10 Miui11

    Hi all. can someone post me detailed process for rooting redmi 7 android 10 miui 11 smart phone. Thanks in advance
  2. U

    Help Update away! Not yet, but on a fresh Galaxy 11 later

    I am the owner of a Samsung Galaxy 11 currently running on Android 11. It used to run on Android 10 and I updated it because I was hoping it would be a minor bug fix and make the notification go away. Now it just kinda sucks. I plan on later getting a new Galaxy 11 running A10 out-of-the-box...
  3. N

    Issues when wifi/bluetooth is enabled on device

    I recently purchased a Yumkem T13 tablet, running android 10 go, as a non working unit. I have been able to reset the device in recovery mode and it seems to work until I try to enable wifi or Bluetooth. As soon as I turn these on the device crashes almost instantly and I have to reset it again...
  4. F

    Issues with Google deleting contacts and their recovery [Xiaomi Mi A2] [Android 10]

    Ok so on aforementioned Xiaomi Mi A2 (meaning "clean" Android, as in the same thing that's in Pixels) I have ran into an issue: In an attempt to backup contacts and transfer them over to new phone, I have done 2 things: Exported contact list as .vcf file Created new google account However...
  5. H

    Release an app with binaries

    Hi All, I have been working on a project which has legacy code ( more than 2 decades old), so I am trying to deploy my project as an android app with target API level 29+. But I could see privacy changes introduced after Android 10, which doesn't allow binaries to be executed from app home...
  6. Kiran1993

    How to remove or hide this volume notification in Android

    How to remove or hide this volume notification in android program on click on volume up button. is their any method do it Please let me know.
  7. J

    Help Difficulties with Android 10

    I used to always buy flagship devices but due to lack of cash I recently bought the Samsung Galaxy A02 which only cost me $120 brand new from a good shop. The performance of the device is superior to the old flagship devices that was I was using which were the Sony Xperia Z1 and Z5 compact...
  8. D

    Help Google Play Store is automatically downloading apps I get from Samsung Galaxy Store.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy A50 Model SM-S506DL. When I download an app from the galaxy store it also appears on Google Play Store. Why does this happen and is there a way to disconnect the two? I went to Google settings in android to see connected apps and services. The only thing connected is...
  9. fra8995

    App Inventor Permission denied for storage/emulated/0 (Android 10)

    Hi, I'm using Android Studio (SDK 23) to create an application. I'm trying to see all the files or folders in "storage/emulated/0". I asked for permissions runtime with these two functions: but when i try to access "storage/emulated/0": it says that i can'r read it: Am I doing something...
  10. W

    Developing a Personal Budgeting App Using Android Studio & Firebase |Tutorials for beginners

    An android development tutorial for beginners, to help you become an android developer by creating simple apps and working your way up. SOURCE CODE PROVIDED! What you will learn. XML - using xml to create beautiful UIs that offer excellent user experience. Java programming language. Firebase...
  11. J

    In Android 10 (MIUI12), there is a switch to prevent apps from being manually killed at switch panel

    In Android 10 (MIUI12), there is a switch to prevent apps from being manually killed from inside the switcher panel. When clicking kill all (X) it kills all apps but the ones protected by the switch. I did protect one app already once but are unable to find the relating setting page again :-(...
  12. C

    Create library for aidl module (.aar) and generate apk for my application

    Hi, I have written application where i have aidl module included and also service which calls aidl functions. I want to build library for aidl module in .aar format and apk for my application in single build. How can i do that?. Please help me to resolve this issue so that i can build library...
  13. C

    Help Stuck ringer bar. Phone won’t unmute

    The ringer bar on my Android is stuck. The dot is not blue but small black circle stuck to left if bar. The volume button on the left of phone is full volume. All the vibrate buttons are off. I’ve turned the phone on and off but phone will not unmute. HELP
  14. Cao Van Thanh

    [APP][4.0+][Free] Adware Hunter - Popup Ad Detector & Find Cause

    Ad popup shows on screen? Use this app to find which is cause Device always show ad popup? This app can help you to fix Adware Hunter Is a small tool that helps you to find what is the app/adware that cause of popups on your screen. Adware Hunter is completely free and be updated based on...
  15. D

    How to resize active screen area / change height of screen?

    I am trying to adjust the height of the active area of the screen as shown in image, by turning off blue areas to hide camera hole and round corners as I don't like the appearance. The built in setting for hiding the camera only turns off the red area so the corners are still rounded. I have...
  16. JustMeCanoe

    Help Games not working with USB controller (OTG)

    I just recently got a new Galaxy a71 and have wanted to play some games on it, but the controller just isn't working. The games I have tried it with are: Don't Starve pocket edition, Stardew Valley, and Dead by Daylight mobile. (None of these would do anything with the controller) However, I...
  17. Ale978

    SM-G965U not update

    Hi , i Have the samsung s9 plus SM-G965U UNLOCKED with snapdragon The smartphone not check update help me please and i can't use sim from the united states, i live in france THERE IS A METHOD TO UPDATE? One UI version 1.0 Android Version 9 Baseband version G965USQS7CSJ7 Android security...
  18. U

    Help Files application taking up 90 GB somehow

    Hey, I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus running Android Q (Android 10), and I have 128GB of storage. The other day, my storage usage went from about 30GB to 126GB from nowhere. I checked what was taking up my storage and it said "Other". So I checked on advanced storage usage and it says "My...
  19. A

    BT health device support in android 10

    why the support for BT has been removed abruptly from android 10 and if there is any alternative to run legacy BT health device?
  20. J

    Help Galaxy Tab S6 Android 10 upgrade S Pen problem

    Ever since Android 10 was installed, my S Pen is behaving funny. It starts doing things on the screen even before I touch it, things like moving the text up and down instead of waiting for me to touch the screen and drag the text up and down. And when I finally touch the screen, it does not...
  21. K

    Is there a working call recorder for Sams.Gal.Note 10 / Android 10 ?

    My "Automatic Call Recorder" (id=com.appstar.callrecorder) stopped to work fully 1. may after updating my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus to the latest Android 10 version as of 1. may (2020). Now it only records my own voice/audio, not my called/calling counterparts voice/audio. So now it's useless...