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Release an app with binaries


Jan 13, 2023
Hi All,
I have been working on a project which has legacy code ( more than 2 decades old), so I am trying to deploy my project as an android app with target API level 29+. But I could see privacy changes introduced after Android 10, which doesn't allow binaries to be executed from app home directory. My project has an executable which used to work fine till API 28. Then reading the release notes, I came to know that only files with lib[filename].so format are extracted into app home directory, which effectively leaves out my binary from being extracted into the same. So, after going through some forums, I came to know that if we can rename binary in the form of binaryfile to lib[binaryfile].so , it's working smoothly as before.

So my question is:
Can I publish an app with such disguised binary ". so" as release build apk to playstore?? Let me clarify that, my app does simple network tests like ping, traceroute etc.

This is critical, any pointers would be helpful as I am new to android app development, and to app publishing.

I am not clear about your executable. Is it a library in fact? A lib[name].so file is a library file.
We can integrate one or more .so files into an Android project. And then we can build the project and generate an apk file to upload to Google Play Store.
No James. executable is native cpp binary and what I am trying to do is either:
1) Just rename the binary to lib[binaryname].so, so that it can be extracted to app directory and can run as Process.run in flutter.
2) Create a symlink of any[.so] at app directory to my executable placed in /data/data and run it using Process.run

I hope that I am able to articulate the problem better now..
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