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  1. T

    Privacy dashboard problem!

    Hi everyone!! I am new with you and with android 13. I have an Oppo Find X3 Pro and I find it quite a reliable phone. What it bothers me very much is my data privacy. I've read that privacy dashboard from privacy settings came recently with Android 12 and is for our "privacy", but I think it...
  2. P

    Help Aggiornamenti sicurezza

    Ciao a tutti, ho una domanda riguardante il mio Xiaomi, nel menù impostazioni-password e sicurezza-privacy, cliccando sulla voce aggiornamento della sicurezza, mi esce un popup con scritto: "è disponibile un aggiornamento software di sistema, ma solo il proprietario può installarlo". Che...
  3. A

    Privacy question regarding Samsung Android Gallery (v14.1.01.7)

    Hello, I noticed recently that all the pictures on my phone has been classified in categories (cars, cats, accessories, etc...) I don't use any cloud storage (at least not that I'm aware of) and turned off every possible features I know that improves privacy. My question, is this...
  4. H

    Release an app with binaries

    Hi All, I have been working on a project which has legacy code ( more than 2 decades old), so I am trying to deploy my project as an android app with target API level 29+. But I could see privacy changes introduced after Android 10, which doesn't allow binaries to be executed from app home...
  5. Irfan Latif

    [APP][7.0+] WhatsRunning - Know what's running on your Android device

    Have you ever been suspicious about the services, processes and apps running on your device? We have a unique all-in-one solution. WhatsRunning shows: A lot of information about native processes and Android apps running on your device A detailed breakdown of RAM and swap usage System services...
  6. Lilmama88

    Best App for:

    So I'm looking for the best apps that will do the following: 1) Recovering SMS/MMS texts that were deleted 2) Best app for recovering deleted photos/videos/documents/downloads 3) Best app for Texting (that actually respects your privacy and data and doesn't sell it to other companies) 4) Best...
  7. ZJU_SLM

    Vulnerability Report: Automatic and Device-independent IMU-based Eavesdropping on Smartphones

    We are researchers on the speech privacy. Our team finds the vulnerability of smartphones against eavesdropping via the built-in zero-permission inertial sensors. More information is referred to our paper that is submitted to IEEE INFOCOM 2022. Introduction Do you know your smartphone may...
  8. L

    [APP] No last seen for WhatsApp

    No last seen for WhatsApp Thanks to Private Read for WhatsApp your contacts will not know that you are reading their messages. In this way you can read them and not respond, see first of all what they write to you and recover your privacy. Hide your online status, read incognito whatsapps...
  9. Android News

    Some mobile games are listening to what children watch

    The New York Times reported this week that a number of apps are using software produced by a startup called Alphonso and it uses a smartphone's microphone to listen for particular audio signals in TV shows. The apps mostly target children.
  10. Android News

    Android has tracked location info regardless of privacy settings

    Quartz has confirmed that, starting in early 2017, Android phones have been sending the addresses of nearby cellular towers and sending it back to Google, regardless of your location sharing settings -- even if you didn't have cell service turned on and hadn't used any apps.
  11. Android News

    Protect your bank account with this app that generates virtual debit cards

    Every time a major retailer is breached, more people get exposed to financial fraud. You can take back control of your finances with Pay by Privacy.com. It generates virtual debit cards to use online.
  12. Android News

    US Border Patrol is not allowed to view data stored in the cloud

    U.S. border officers aren't allowed to look at any data stored only in the "cloud" — including social media data — when they search U.S. travelers' phones, Customs and Border Protection acknowledged in a letter obtained Wednesday by NBC News.
  13. Android News

    The EFF reopens its case against Google for privacy issues in the education sector

    The EFF has reopened its case against Google, Microsoft, and Apple in regards to the way student privacy is handled.
  14. Android News

    Looking for better privacy alternatives to popular apps?

    Protecting your privacy is more important now than ever. That's why Android Central has put together a quick list of apps that put your privacy first before anything else.
  15. Android News

    An Ontario Court of Appeals says SMS messages are not private

    A judge in an Ontario Court of Appeals says once your text messages are "sent to the ether," then they are no longer under your control.
  16. Android News

    Appeals court says a warrant is not needed for police to obtain your phone's location data

    The US' Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has just made a ruling that says police do not need a warrant to access your smartphone's location data. The reasoning was that since you have willingly given your location data to a 3rd-party company, that data is not protected under the Constitution's...
  17. Android News

    Runkeeper under fire in Europe due to shady data tracking practices

    Runkeeper seems to be in a bit of trouble. The app -- which records statistics about workouts and runs -- seems to be recording data even after workouts have included, and the app also seems to be sending whatever data it's recording to third-party firms based in the US. A formal complaint is...
  18. Android News

    Facebook is being sued over its facial recognition and photo-tagging system

    While Facebook asked that the San Fransisco courts throw out the lawsuit, a federal judge has denied their request. So the company will have to lawyer up and try to convince the court that their photo-tagging system does not violate Illinois' 2008 Biometric Information Privacy Act. This privacy...
  19. Android News

    Police think Google and Apple should censor encryption apps

    The encryption debate is ramping up quickly. Law enforcement has come up with another idea that would help shut down encryption: force Google and Apple to ban encryption apps from their app stores. While the feasibility of something like that isn't yet clear, it's a strong suggestion that won't...
  20. Android News

    Google, Apple, Facebook and more express deep concerns about encryption bill

    Apple, Google and Facebook -- among other top tech companies -- have all written an open letter to Dianne Fernstein and Richard Burr. The 2 US senators have proposed a bill that would essentially ban encryption practices across the United States.
  21. Android News

    Canadian Police has owned Blackberry decryption keys since 2010

    A new report from Vice News reveals Canadian police have owned the global decryption key for Blackberry devices since 2010. The key can give law enforcement access to the information on almost any Blackberry device they want. It's not known if Blackberry offered this key or if Canadian officials...
  22. Android News

    Feds ordered Google to unlock 9 Android phones since 2012

    New information revealed Apple isn't the only company who has been ordered to aide in unlocking smartphones. Google was said to help with 9 Android phones since 2012. The difference is that Google's orders weren't under the same All Writs Act situation that Apple's was, and Google was never...
  23. Android News

    Department of Justice announces successful breach of terrorist's iPhone 5c

    The Apple privacy and security saga has come to an abrupt end. The Department of Justice and FBI announced a successful breach of the iPhone 5c used by one of the terrorists who coordinated recent attacks in San Bernardino, CA. The government originally asserted that they had no way of breaching...
  24. Android News

    The FBI doesn't need permission to use dead people's fingerprints to unlock phones

    It's been revealed that the 4th amendment has a loophole that allows the FBI to use dead people's fingerprints to unlock phones. This is because the 4th amendment -- a right to privacy -- can't be defended by someone who is dead.
  25. Android News

    Trump, other republicans say Apple is wrong to refuse smartphone backdoors...

    Apple's refusal to comply with a court order to enable the FBI to hack into a smartphone was pretty big. Tech biggies like Sunder Pichai backed the company, but what about folks on the government side? Donald Trump and other republicans think Apple need to back down.