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  1. teddy28

    [UPDATE] NewPipe 0.26.1: Youtube Client for android receives a major update

    The NewPipe app, known for being an alternative client for YouTube on the Android system, has released its version 0.26.1. The update introduces support for a variety of new content, including YouTube live streams, Shorts, and dedicated pages for channels. Additionally, the new version brings...
  2. A

    Watch Face Deals app - Free / Discounted watch faces in one place

    Hi all. I made a free android app, where I try to collect some great designer limited free / discounted watch faces for wear os. App in play store: Watch Face Deals
  3. R

    [New Android App] AI Yearbook Photo App

    AI Yearbook invites you to a spectacular journey through time with a rich collection of artificially generated 90s photographs. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic vibes and revel in memories, all while exploring the wonders of AI technology! Artificially Generated 90’s Pictures Our innovative...
  4. R

    [NEW Android App] Phone Tracker - GPS Tracker

    Phone tracker is a real-time GPS location tracking app that ensures you can safely monitor the whereabouts of your loved ones. Phone tracker was designed to primarily for find location by phone number, the gps tracker app aims to capture the real-time location of users. It then logs this data...
  5. K

    Android App for Engineering Numerical Calculations?

    Hey there, Looking for an Android app that can handle engineering numerical calculations across different fields. User-friendly and versatile features are a plus. Any recommendations? Thanks! Kashif
  6. r_pie

    I Need help with Android App Development

    Im new to Android Development, and I need to create an app that opens another app like so: I open App 'X', which then goes and opens App 'Y' and App 'X' closes itself in the background. Any assistance as to how I would make this? I need very specific guidance, because Im very stupid lol...
  7. L

    how do i Allow file access from android web view?

    hi, i am loading a web page in to the android web view. When loading done, the upload button is not working. any idea for fix this please?
  8. Jennifer catron

    Log into Android email

    Help. I'm trying to figure out how to log into my Android work profile email. When I log into exchange it says already logged in but I'm not. It won't let me see my work profile emails.
  9. Android News

    3DMark is updated to version 2.0 with support for the Vulkan API and more

    3DMark has been updated to version 2.0 on the Play Store and includes an overhauled UI, as well as Vulkan API support, and more.
  10. Android News

    The Weather Channel will now offer to schedule a ride with Lyft when the weather is bad

    Lyft has been working with 3rd-party companies to integrate their scheduling services into their products. The latest company to do so is The Weather Channel, which will suggest you schedule a car ride when the weather is bad.
  11. Android News

    Latest version of Magisk fixes bugs for Samsung devices and SELinux issues

    The developer behind Magisk just rolled out a new update that fixes issues with Samsung devices and SELinux bugs.
  12. Android News

    The latest Google Camera update allows you to disable the shutter sound

    Google Camera has been updated to version 4.3 and brings the ability to disable the shutter sound while taking pictures.
  13. Android News

    Parallel Windows for Nougat lets you mirror apps for splitscreen viewing

    Parallel Windows for Nougat is a new Android app that lets you mirror an app to view it in Nougat's split screen feature. That's especially handy for logging into two different accounts on the same app and device.
  14. A

    Help How to find Android developer for project

    I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to ask what im going to ask. I'm having a hell of a hard time finding an Android developer to create an app for us. (based on a working website coded in php/mysql/javascript). Against my better judgement, I tried craigslist, that didnt go well...
  15. Android News

    Breaking News app is shutting down tomorrow

    In a new post on Medium, the Breaking News team has shared some unfortunate news. The app will be closing down tomorrow, December 31st.
  16. Android News

    CNNgo is an Android TV app that lets you watch short news clips

    Not everyone has hours to spend each day to catch up on the news and CNN knows this. The company has just released an Android TV app called CNNgo that will let you watch short news clips without needing to log into a cable provider.
  17. Android News

    Google Play Books v3.9 update adds search suggestions, series badges and more

    The last time we saw the Google Play Books app receive an update was back in April when it got the new application icon. Today, Google is rolling out an update that brings the app to version 3.9. This update includes the following changes. . . - Search suggest support - Badge series when...
  18. Android News

    How-To: Turn your favorite website into an ad-free Android app in seconds

    Gadget Hacks has published a tutorial on how to turn your favorite websites into an ad-free Android app with just a few steps. The process uses an app called Hermit, and after a few choices made within Hermit, you'll have an ad-free experience for whichever website you choose.
  19. Android News

    Google Photos Smartburst feature improved with more manageable UI

    A Google Photos update is bringing a key improvement to the app's Smartburst feature, which allows you to take a quick series of shots in a short amount of time so you can select the best one. Previously, the app would show all the photos taken as individual entries in the gallery, but it now...
  20. Android News

    Vimeo update brings offline video

    Vimeo has been updated to version 2.2 today. The biggest change is the addition of offline video caching. You can download a video for viewing later without having a data connection. This is also useful when you do have a connection on the go, but don't want to incur any data charges.
  21. Android News

    Opera releases ad-blocking for its mobile browser

    Developers have been able to use Opera's built-in ad-blocking feature for a while, but the company has just released an update for its desktop on mobile browser which makes the feature available to everyone. While the ethics of using ad-blockers is still questionable, Opera claims that the...
  22. Android News

    Twitter's overhauled Connect tab shows improved recommendations

    Twitter today announced improvements to the Connect tab on the web and in their mobile app. The tab will now show improved recommendations for people you should follow, with criteria being a combination of likes, other similar people you follow, trending accounts in your area, and current...
  23. O

    PieMessage lets you use iMessage on your Android phone if you have a Mac

    A new app called PieMessage is allowing Android users to use iMessage. The app requires a Mac computer as it will use a server app on the Mac to pass messages back and forth. This isn't the first app of its kind, but many previous apps used third-party servers to transfer the data, something...
  24. Android News

    Card Case is an app for sharing contact details with people near you

    A new app has hit Google Play. It's called Card Case, and its sole purpose is sharing contact details with the people around you. Card Case is notable because it makes use of Google's new Nearby API, so sharing contact details is an automatic and seamless process that doesn't require any account...
  25. Android News

    The Rock releases a new alarm clock with custom tones, videos and no snooze button

    The Rock, of all people, created an alarm clock app. The professional wrestler and movie star will tell you to wake up 25 different ways, and can help remind you of important things. He can also send pre-recorded video messages to you. The Rock is known for his nonstop work ethic, so the lack...