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  1. J

    Seeking to Buy Old and Neglected Android Apps

    Hello Everyone, I am on the lookout for older Android applications that have been neglected or are no longer in active development. Specifically, I'm interested in apps that were created before the year 2015 - 2016 . If you happen to be an Android developer with such apps in your portfolio and...
  2. Google

    Discover more than 800 free TV channels with Google TV

    Google TV brings hundreds of free TV channels to one place, organizing them by topic in one easy-to-use guide.
  3. Brainsoft

    [FREE] [GAME] Multiplication Table - Learn Easily

    Learn times tables with one of the coolest math games! Our App is an effective way to learn multiplication tables (from 1 to 20) and improve your mental math skills by playing and having fun We designed multiplication flashcards especially for you. So you can practice multiplication and guess...
  4. nextappsgen

    Tint meter

    Tint meter is free app, that check car window transparency. After external and internal illumination measurement, the tint meter will show the degree of transparency the automotive glass - vlt (visible light transmission) as a percentage. To determine the transparency of glass with a film, the...
  5. Android News

    USA Today’s first AR app focuses on space

    After a series of VR apps like The Wall and USS Eisenhower VR, USA Today Network is now exploring storytelling on another new (ish) platform: AR. 321 Launch is the network's first AR app, and it's designed to deliver what it says is the "industry's first, multi-layered interactive experience for...
  6. Android News

    AT&T rolls out Android 8.0 Oreo for the LG V30

    AT&T is now distributing the update to Android 8.0 Oreo to the LG V30 units it has sold. The update for the V30 also features the latest security fixes. After installing it you'll have the March 1, 2018 security patch level.
  7. Android News

    Reddit app v3.0 beta adds night mode, account drawer, themes, and more

    The v3.0 update of the official Reddit app is in beta, and it adds a number of important features. The app finally has a night mode, and it's easier to access/switch accounts. You can also turn on a new "Pony" theme.
  8. Android News

    Facebook is making it easier to delete your data

    Facebook has admitted that their privacy tools aren't that easy to find, though they have always been there. In the wake of recent outrage about user data being given to Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is looking to take the first step to reconciliation by making the privacy tools easier to find.
  9. Android News

    Google Play Movies & TV gets streaming service integration and watchlist

    Upon opening the updated Play Movies & TV app, you'll see a new section at the top asking "What are you in the mood for?". You can then select different categories to help you narrow down what you're looking for, such as Comedy, Action, Recent, Classic, Highly Rated, etc. As you select these...
  10. Android News

    Google Maps learns 39 new languages

    Google Maps is adding 39 new languages—spoken by an estimated 1.25 billion people worldwide: Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Burmese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, Georgian, Hebrew, Icelandic, Indonesian, Kazakh, Khmer, Kyrgyz, Lao, Latvian...
  11. Android News

    You could win $250,000 tomorrow with the HQ Trivia app

    HQ Trivia, the free Android and iOS quiz app, will tomorrow give away its largest prize ever. Thanks to a recent partnership with Warner Bros (for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One), players will have the chance to win a quarter of a million dollars.
  12. Android News

    Google starts blocking its apps on uncertified Android devices

    Google has quietly started blocking access to its apps on uncertified devices whose firmware was built after March 16th. If you're affected, you'll get a warning that a device is "not certified" and can't sign into a Google account.
  13. Android News

    Android malware found inside QR code apps

    SophosLabs has detailed a recent ad-spawning malware strain, Andr/HiddnAd-AJ, that slipped into Google Play through innocent-looking QR code and compass apps. Google has already been notified of the apps and have removed them from Google Play.
  14. Android News

    The FTC is investigating Facebook's privacy practices

    According to the FTC, there is an ongoing non-public investigation of Facebook. As such, details of the investigation are scarce. However, the FTC notes the issue is related to recent media reports of Facebook's lax privacy practices.
  15. Android News

    Microsoft’s Edge browser now available on iPad and Android tablets

    Microsoft started previewing its Edge browser for iPad earlier this month, and it’s now releasing it for everyone using an iPad or Android tablets today. Microsoft has mainly just scaled up the interface for the larger screen on iPads or Android tablets, and features like “continue on PC”...
  16. Android News

    TIDAL is now compatible with Amazon Fire TV and Android Auto

    TIDAL doesn't have many fans due to its high pricing and general impracticality, but perhaps today's two additions will sway you to reconsider. Jay-Z's music service now supports Amazon Fire TV and Android Auto.
  17. Android News

    Twitch brings polls, leaderboards and other Extensions to mobile

    Since launching six months ago, Twitch Extensions have seen more than 1.5 billion interactions on desktop. From today, they're available on mobile, so viewers can enjoy leader boards, polls, match histories and more, wherever you watch your streams.
  18. Android News

    Samsung Pay officially launches in Italy

    Following big expansions in Mexico and Canada last year, Samsung Pay is now heading to Italy. With the addition of Italy, Samsung Pay is now available in 21 markets.
  19. Android News

    Google Chrome’s next update will finally block autoplay videos

    Google is finally getting serious about blocking annoying autoplay videos that start with the sound blaring. The next update to Chrome (version 66) will include changes to autoplay videos that mean the browser will only play them automatically if the sound isn’t playing by default, or if you...
  20. Android News

    WhatsApp co-founder wants you to delete your Facebook account

    Brian Acton, who co-founded WhatsApp with Jan Koum in 2009, has declared it's time for you to leave Facebook, following the recent scandal with Facebook's alleged indirect involvement in the US Elections of 2016 and how user data from 50 million Facebook accounts fell into the hands of Cambridge...
  21. Android News

    Snapchat's new Lens Studio tools make AR creation easier

    Snap has teamed up with a handful of partners to create new Lenses and new tools for the Lens Studio, which can make designing AR effects a simpler process. One of its new partners is StudioMDHR, developer of popular run and gun indie video game Cuphead.
  22. Android News

    Facebook makes it easier to control large Messenger groups

    Facebook's Messenger app is on its way to becoming a social network in its own right, thanks to new group chat features rolled out today. Like regular groups (the app for which Facebook killed last year), group chats now come with admin privileges. Anyone with admin status can add someone else...
  23. Android News

    T-Mobile giving away a year of MLB.TV

    Baseball season is right around the corner, and just like last year, T-Mobile is giving its customers a year of MLB.TV for free – something that usually costs $115.99.
  24. Android News

    Amazon adds fingerprint support to its Key app

    The Amazon Key app is getting one small but important update: fingerprint authentication. Since Key essentially controls your smart door lock, leaving the app unprotected isn't a very good idea, so this is a nice addition.
  25. Android News

    eBay’s Android app has a new AR feature to help you pick the correct box

    eBay has updated its Android app to include a new augmented reality feature that helps you figure out what box size you’ll need to use to ship your stuff.