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android developer console

  1. J

    Help me plz!

    This is my second try. I am being hacked really bad. Someone is remotely accessing my devices. Even my smart TV. They block phone call, texts and emails. Listen to phone calls and take my picture. I have factory reset many times but everything comes back at install_ even tho i use all new...
  2. W

    Developing a Personal Budgeting App Using Android Studio & Firebase |Tutorials for beginners

    An android development tutorial for beginners, to help you become an android developer by creating simple apps and working your way up. SOURCE CODE PROVIDED! What you will learn. XML - using xml to create beautiful UIs that offer excellent user experience. Java programming language. Firebase...
  3. Diaforus

    Fast reviews for popular apps...

    I'm a new developer. I'm working for a start-up and I had developed an app for them. It is in the play store for a few months. In this pandemic time, every developer face delay in reviewing time. sometimes it took a week or up to a month. But the popular apps like Facebook, Instagram and more...
  4. Rob

    Google launches Universal App Campaigns and User Acquisition reports for Android Developers

    In a blog post on the Android Developers blog, Google announced the ability of Universal App Campaigns and User Acquisition performance reporting. The two tools will give developers the ability to pay to reach potential users and measure their success in doing so.