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Jay mo

Jun 23, 2022
This is my second try. I am being hacked really bad. Someone is remotely accessing my devices. Even my smart TV. They block phone call, texts and emails. Listen to phone calls and take my picture. I have factory reset many times but everything comes back at install_ even tho i use all new accounts. In have even bought new devices. Any device that comes in my house is somehow being sensed and immediately it is being accessed. I need help. I lost my job, I am losing my mind. They wontnstop. I went to the police and they said it has to be someone close to me. In have over 500 system apps on a new device all by android x and android developer
not sure how to help you other than to recommend doing a factory reset, changing your passwords and setting up 2-step verification on all accounts where possible.....that is if you are truly hacked.

hacking is not as simple as it used to be. it is much harder to do. someone can't just access your phone that easily. you or someone would have to download and install an application for remote access. so unless you handed the phone to somebody unsupervised, i doubt it is hacked.

now after a factory reset make sure that you are not installing all of the same apps you previously had. some apps do come with malware mostly in the form of adware. but there can be other malicious malware that can be installed as well.

everything on your phone is set up as applications and every process has an app associated with it......so 500 system apps is not surprising.

i can't explain all of the other stuff you posted. if the police are not alarmed, i would pay no heed to everything else.

i am truly sorry you lost your job. and i hope you have not completely lost your mind yet....lol

i'm no shrink, but i think talking this out with a professional might help your state of mind. i'm not saying you are crazy or that i do not believe you. i'm just saying that it helps if you have someone professional to talk to. i'm a big advocate of taking care of your mental health. i just started using Better Help. it is not free, but well worth it.
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