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  1. D

    Android Phone doesn't receice imeasages.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5G phone. About 3 days ago my phone started to not receive messages from iPhone users. I am able to call iPhone users and also receive any form of image from them but not a text. I am able to see their replies in the group chat that I'm in, which is made up of...
  2. K

    How to give someone a temporary (for a few hours/days) possibility to ring your your Android phone? and possibility talk with him?

    Hi, How to give someone a temporary (for a few hours/days) possibility to ring your your Android phone ? and possibility talk with him? In the next 10 month, I am giving lots of articles for nothing (completely free) as I am in a long process of emptying my apartment. So I am taking a picture of...
  3. Z

    Android phone keeps beeping at me??

    Hi again everyone, I have another disturbing problem with my smartphone, and need some advice.... My phone keeps beeping, as if it is notifying me of something, but there is nothing there?? This happens constantly, at least 3 or 4 times an hour, and it is notifying me of nothing at all. It is...
  4. D

    Help Unable to install NORTON w LIFELOCK

    I have been trying to get my Norton reinstated after Comcast no longer offers it free since Jan 1, 2021. After 4 attempts & giving my bank info 4 times, the screen just stops after completing the application. I'm already having problems with my brand new phone & that, was getting a blank screen...
  5. S

    Mysterious Lock on Vivo Y55L

    Hello Everyone, Please help me out with my locked phone. My 6 year child was texting on WhatsApp somehow the mobile got restart and screen got locked. All the notifications are there on the mobile but when I scroll to unlock the phone it shows some mysterious lock with only "text box with...
  6. Android News

    $20,000 phone with bleeding edge technology planned

    Sirin Labs AG -- a British-Israeli startup -- wants to create the most technologically advanced smartphone ever made. While we don't have any details on their plans, the company suggests their phone will be so high grade that it could cost as much as $20,000. The biggest reason for such a high...