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How to give someone a temporary (for a few hours/days) possibility to ring your your Android phone? and possibility talk with him?


Feb 28, 2023
Hi, How to give someone a temporary (for a few hours/days) possibility to ring your your Android phone ? and possibility talk with him?
In the next 10 month, I am giving lots of articles for nothing (completely free) as I am in a long process of emptying my apartment. So I am taking a picture of the article and creating an ad on an online platform (an equivalent of craigslist, but in Europe) of it with a 0eur price tag, and then people send msg on this platform when interested. They then need to go to the building where I live.
Obviously for so many people, for my security, I do not want to give my name so they can ring and I do not want to give my phone number. What Android app could allow me to get a ring for a temporary duration ? what should I then communicate per message to the person I have validated to pickup an article at my home ? I can install any app necessary on my Android phone, but people coming will not install anything so it must be universal.
Giving a meeting point outside your own home, is really taking a lot more time and hassle. It is acceptable to do this for a few things, but for a lot of things it is not acceptable. Do not forget that people are rarely on time (and who is always on time), so outside you home it is just IMPOSSIBLE. When you are at home if the person does not show up or is late, it is not an issue for you.
Also all I give the items is for very little and lots for free, so people will not complain normally.
I am not giving access to any one to my apartment, I always go at the bottom of my building to give the item.

The problem is I need a RELIABLE system to warn me when the person has arrived. And I cannot find one.

> Just install a 2nd number app from the play store onto your phone.
I have tested, it is not reliable enough. I have tested OnOff APP and this is good to make a call, but it is crappy to receive call, because very often your phone does not receive the call for many diverse reasons. I need a reliable system.
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Why not just sell your stuff on ebay and mail it off?
Do you want to make 2000 times the path home to the post office over a period of 10 months to send items for zero money earned ?
+time to make the packaging, +time to wait in the queue of the post office +time in the road & traffic jam on the way to it.

I just need a Android app reliable way to contact me for a certain duration that anyone can use. Then I go down my building and give the item.
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Yes, they do exist: I own one.

I don't know about the US market, but most Samsungs are dual SIM these days (lower-end ones tend to be 2 physical SIMs, higher-end SIM+eSIM), likewise for Sony, Motos at least have dual-SIM variants, some Nokia models are dual-SIM, many Xiaomi seem to be too, and I've never bothered checking others. And this is just looking at recent models, all of which will have VoLTE.

A second phone or second SIM seems much the simplest solution to me.
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