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  1. V

    How to copy lat/long in Google Map

    In Google Maps on my Android, I know when I click on a place on the map, it shows lat/long in the search bar. But how do I COPY the lat/long? All the forums I have read seem to have old info. They say to click on the lat/long values to copy. But when I click on the lat/long (that is now in the...
  2. S

    How to automatically decline calls when connected to certain bluetooth device

    Hello, I would like to set my phone, to automatically decline all calls, if the phone is connected to specific bluetooth device. Is there some settings to do this? or can someone recommend me an app that would allow me to do this? thank you
  3. CliffJ

    How to disable ads

    Hello! Could you please let me know if it's possible to block ads on a Samsung Galaxy? I've noticed that my phone receives ads from unfamiliar websites. Is there a way to disable ads in the phone settings, and if so, how can I do it?
  4. A

    How to track text like google translate (google lens) does it?

    I'm trying to get the same quality of text tracking as google translate live camera translation. I want to track text in real time from camera, use ocr to get the string text, process it and then replace it with processed text, making it look seamless. I know about ML Kit and I tried using it...
  5. R

    How to stop the emulator?

    How do I stop the emulator from running? When I try to debug my app (Visual Studio, C#) ,even though my phone is plugged in and seems to be the choice, when I start debugging, VS starts up the emulator. Why? How can I stop this?
  6. G

    How to rotate pen axis to 90 degree in Android 11?

    Hi all, How to rotate pen axis to 90 degree in Android 11? In my system, when I set system to vertical screen, the touch axis it no problem, but pen axis is wrong. The pen axis should rotate 90 degree. Is there a config file to config stylus to rotate 90 degree? Or should I write a apk...
  7. J

    How to save image to real sdcard?

    Welcome I have this function to save image external storege. But only save to internal. How to fix this? fun saveBitmapToExternal(context: Context, bitmap: Bitmap, fileName: String, extension: String =...
  8. K

    How to do automated testing of a smartwatch app in a emulator?

    I have an android app that can connect to a smartwatch. In android studio i can manually pair a smartphone emulator and a smartwatch emulator, but i was wondering if there is a way to automatically run smartphone emulators, pair them to a smartwatch emulator and test different metrics like...
  9. S

    Help How to disable chrome browser pull down to refresh

    Hello, In Samsung internet browser there is an option to disable pull down to refresh, source 1. How to disable pull down to refresh in Chrome browser in Samsung phone? 2. Is there a main phone setting that can disable all apps pull down to refresh in Samsung phone? Thanks
  10. W

    Help [SOLVED] [Alarm] How to prevent sound?

    Hello, Without an engineering degree, I can't figure out how to prevent the alarm from playing sounds: I only want the phone to vibrate. Checking the "Vibrate" option and the "mute" icon through the volume button didn't help. It's a second-hand phone, and the previous owner upgraded the phone...
  11. startac4

    How To Make Samsung Use Audio not Video Voicemail

    Every time I get a voicemail Samsung notification makes it available directly only as video voicemail. I don't want to download that Samsung app with whatever terms/conditions it has.. To listen to it as audio I have to go to the Contacts, search for Samsung voicemail phone number, and then call...
  12. Saimel

    How to harvest faster in Farming Simulator 22?

    Hello! Are there people on the forum playing Farming Simulator 22? 3 days ago just got acquainted with this game. The game is very interesting. But a little bored with the process of harvesting. Spend a lot of time on it, and want to do other more interesting activities. video in YouTube Shorts...
  13. K

    How to enable restricted settings?

    Hello, I have this App called Cube ACR to record calls. I mainly record calls to help remember stuff like appointment times and such. However since i have android 13, i need to allow restricted settings on the app. But when i go to the app, the 3 dots (more settings) is not there to turn off...
  14. K

    How to give someone a temporary (for a few hours/days) possibility to ring your your Android phone? and possibility talk with him?

    Hi, How to give someone a temporary (for a few hours/days) possibility to ring your your Android phone ? and possibility talk with him? In the next 10 month, I am giving lots of articles for nothing (completely free) as I am in a long process of emptying my apartment. So I am taking a picture of...
  15. N

    I exited download mode using SamFW FRP Tool in my Samsung A51. Now it's a black screen. Not being detected by PC!

    I was stuck in the download Mode in my A51. Using SamFW FRP tool 3.31 i exit the download mode. Now only the blue screen pops. When I click the volume up to enter download mode it goes to a black screen mode and nothing appears in my PC. How can i fix this? When i click volume up it goes to...
  16. P

    MiX Explorer Unable to Access USB Drive

    I have MiX Explorer installed under Android 13 on a Pixel 6. How do I give it permission to read and write to a USB file system? What are the best file managers currently available for Android?
  17. S

    Help How to set custom text notification sounds with a Samsung Galaxy S22?

    I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S22. It runs Android 12 and One UI 4.1. What I am trying to do is use a custom notification sound for my text messages (Google Messages). I want a custom sound for one specific person and another for everyone else. I had this previously on my Galaxy S8...
  18. Android News

    How to set up Xbox party chat on Android

    Microsoft is pushing Party Chat to its mobile Xbox apps. Here's how to get up and running on Android.
  19. Android News

    5 things to do with your new Android phone

    Just pick up a new Android phone during one of the big sales? Here's a peek at the first five things you should do with your new device.
  20. Android News

    What to do if I forgot my lock pattern?

    Android has several options to keep your device secure and prevent others from accessing the data within. Here's what to do if you forget your lock pattern on your phone.
  21. Android News

    7 Tips to Prevent Stolen Android Phones

    Are you the victim of theft? There’s a good chance that if you came across this post, someone has already stolen your Android phone. If that’s the case, we’ve got a guide on How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone. Here are just a few of the precautions you can take.
  22. Android News

    How to use VSCO and the selfie camera on your Android phone

    ne really easy way is to start shooting in VSCO, an all-powerful camera and photo editing app. It comes with a number of basic and advanced manual camera controls that allow you to set up that perfect shot. VSCO's camera provides you with high-quality results, and it's a camera that once you use it.
  23. Android News

    How to adjust Do Not Disturb settings in Android Oreo

    Android Oreo has made a few changes to what you can do with Do Not Disturb mode, and what it looks like. Whether you just want to make sure you don't get hit with notifications while at the movies, or you want to know that certain notifications will always ping for you, there is a good bit going...
  24. Android News

    How to take Solar Eclipse photos with smartphones

    Here are some important tips to consider if you're going to take a photo of the eclipse with your smartphone.
  25. Android News

    Here's how to Download Bixby Voice on the Galaxy S8

    Samsung has been slowly rolling out the Voice functionality and now it's finally widely available. It's super easy to get it, and Phandroid shows you how.