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android x86

  1. Wil GRAND

    Help Android x86 does not see PC disk

    PrimeOS 0.6.1 is the only version of Android that ran on my PC in Live CD But when I click install, there is none among the disks, and if I click Create / Modify partitions, then I get an error Partition ends in the final partial cylinder. I have an MBR disk. I have already searched the entire...
  2. N

    AndroidX86: Kernel compilation error: [Makefile:1050: sound] Error 2

    I have been trying to recompile PrimeOS' kernel from https://github.com/primebook/android_kernel_common. I just have to replace a .c file within drivers/platform/x86. Here's what I did:- Replaced .c make clean && make mrproper Copied arch//configs/android-x86_deconfig to linux source root...
  3. Paulyd0051

    Removing Windows and replacing with Nougat

    In short form I am able to remove and run Nougat on my WT8-A Toshiba Encore. It works mostly perfectly, but looks like I will need to develop some drivers from scratch (ie GPS and Bluetooth for instance). There's a lot to learn. Firstly I can get everything important to run, eg WiFi and most...
  4. Paulyd0051

    Can not turn USB Config to MTP on Nougat (ex-Win Tablet)

    Settings stops working everytime I try to change the USB configuration to MTP so I can make the tablet discoverable on a Windows PC. Tablet is an ex-Windows 10 tablet now Nougat 7.1 (unbootable). I need to be able to access the tablet's drive from the PC to remove boot sectors and replace them...
  5. N

    How to enter recovery mode on Android x86 7.1.2

    How to enter recovery mode on Android x86 7.1.2 ? reason: Flashing ROM and seeing that cool TWRP recovery first time ever!~ Reply ASAP please Thanks!!
  6. M

    Cannot get Android_x86 to boot from HDD

    Hello all, I relatively new to android and have been searching high and low on web to resolve my issue. I got an Acer Aspire One for free and it had Windows Starter 7 on it, so I decided to install Android x86 on it. The specs for the processor is Intel (R) Atom N450 1.666GHz, I know that it...
  7. S

    Help need how to debug black screen on app Start

    Dear all, I have install Android-x86 7.1 on an Intel Nuc7i5BNK which instalml correctly and have full access to web. Then my customer ask me to test his application DRagon Ball Z dokan battle on this version. When I start the application, I get a black screen. I do not know if application has...
  8. S

    mashMallow boot stuck at ANDROID root@x86_64:/ #

    Dear all, I have install Android-X86 6.0 R3 on to an INTEL NUC7i5BNK, when kernel boots system stuck to the information as below : ANDROID root@x86_64:/ # How to make it boot correctly and know what is going wrong ? Thanks for help
  9. F

    Android x86 installation keyboard problems

    Hi to all, when i try to install android x86 on virtualbox (i tried with vmware too), there is an error: Every time I press a key on the keyboard it is as if I pressed it more than once, So i can not do any operation, i can not even go ahead in the installation procedure. I've tried installing...
  10. L

    Installation to an empty pc

    Hello! I am trying to install Android OS to a regular Intel based PC hardware with out using windows or virtual box. I mean my PC will have nothing else in it. How this is done? can someone please guide me to a right direction? Thanks

    update-grub for Android-x86

    I've got Android-x86 and Xubuntu working decently on my Ainol mini PC. It is a "mini PC" with an Intel Z3735F processor and is compatible only with 32-bit EFI. I have the GRUB boot menu installed from Android-x86 and starting up before Android, and I've installed Xubuntu 16.04 alongside it, but...
  12. M


    Hi all. I just installed android 6 marshmallow on pavilion dv4 laptop. the issue is there is no wifi connection. how can i fix this. thanks.
  13. Abaddon92

    Need help with hardware virtualization

    Hey guys, I'm trying to run a small experiment here and got stuck, so I could use some help. After running out of battery a couple of times playing games on my Nexus 10, I decided to try to set Android 6 KitKat up on a VMware virtual machine. So far so good, the machine is up and running (took...
  14. Bg260

    Phoenix OS v.2.0.0 Alpha Release [Android v7.1]

    Android File Host Mirror .exe .iso Thanks to @bcrichster for uploading.
  15. Bg260

    Phoenix OS v1.2.2

    I have mirrored the official release. ISO https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120707614 EXE Installer https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=457095661767136929
  16. Bg260

    [Official]Bliss x86 6.0 and 7.1.1

    Be sure to thank ElectrikJesus https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/x86-bliss-x86-pc-s-t3534657
  17. Bg260

    Phoenix OS v1.1.3 Bootable iso [Deodexed] Stock & Special Edition

    What's PhoenixOS you ask? Phoenix OS, much like Remix OS is designed to run on x86 tablets or larger screen devices with features often found only within desktop OS's. These features include a comprehensive start menu, fully resizable multi-window support and keyboard shortcut functionality...
  18. Bg260

    PhoenixOS-SE Custom bootanimation [Root Required]

    Directions: Make a copy of both of the original boot animations Download bootanimation-after-first-boot.zip and copy to /system/media/ Use your file browser or terminal to set permissions to rw-r-r with root as owner and group. Reboot and enjoy. Disclaimer: Don't blame me yada yada yada...
  19. Bg260

    PhoenixOS v1.1.3 Release

    This is the official release Android File Host Mirror: PhoenixOSInstaller-v1.1.3-237.exe.zip 506.6MB Dec 14, 2016 md5: 24587e19337229288bd53c476d385dc9 PhoenixOSInstaller-v1.1.3-237.iso.zip 644.8MB Dec 15, 2016 md5: f95896eea172d2f6091396c470e37869
  20. Bg260

    [Linux][Video] Unpack AndroidX86 system.sfs w/ two-clicks!

    Hope this helps. You will need the following: 1. Linux:D 2. Nemo (included w/Linux Mint) 3. squashfs-tools 4. A system.sfs of your choosing:) Watch the video: This may only work with Xenial. As always I am open for suggestions
  21. D

    How do I use Physical Keyboard on ZALO

    Hi all. I have a problem using physical keyboard which is Vietnamese language on ZALO Instant Messaging. I have tried some keyboards but it cannot work such as TS Keyboard, Viet telex keyboard, Guobi Vietnamese keyboard, IQQI, Redraw keyboard, viet fast keyboard, vietname keyboard, vietnamese...
  22. D

    How do I Get Rid Of Recommendation Tab on Remix OS

    I have a problem using Remix OS which is I wanna get rid of Recommendation Tab on Android Emulator (Remix OS). I use Remix OS version 3.0.205 (kernel version is 4.4.19-android-x86_64) with Android Marshmallow version 6.0.1 that runs over VM-ware Workstation Player 12.5. Because I dont want...
  23. Bg260

    Alpha Release: Blissroms' Bliss-x86

    Just released. http://blissroms.com/downloads/devices.html Scroll down to Bliss-x86 Check out their installation guide. It's very comprehensive;) There may be a dash of Bg260 thrown in.
  24. Bg260

    Wallpaper Pack For Android X86

    Hi, these are all 1600 x 900. Perfect for your laptop! 1600 x 900 Wallpaper Pack:
  25. Bg260

    Remix OS

    Version 3.0.206 Release date: October 12, 2016 Official Website: http://www.jide.com/remixos-for-pc I've mirrored the downloads here: Remix OS 32Bit: Remix OS 64Bit: Remix provides it's own installer and guide in the zip, and you are welcome to use it.... Or you could use mine *cough*...