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  1. RizbIT UK

    google play target API level 31 or above

    In regards to the information shown in this tweet Developers need to update all their apps to target API level 31 or above to remain available to users on devices running Android OS higher than your app's target API level. but what happens if you dont update your apps to meet this?
  2. Jensonbotones

    Apps About 5G NSA

    Hi, I want to retrieve the ARFCN (Channel Frequency Number) while the device is connected to a 5G network, which can be of 2 certain types (SA and NSA). The type (NSA) I have problems with (and it is the type which most of the actual 5G networks fall into) uses a 4G LTE network cell as a...
  3. L

    USB Webcam for Android

    Hi, I'm curious if there's a way to connect a USB Webcam to any android device and then be able to access it via the camera2 APIs? Any help or additional info would be greatly appreciated!
  4. L

    Android Front Camera Replacement

    Hello everyone -- I'm wondering if anyone has any experience replacing a built-in front-facing camera on any android device with a UVC/USB webcam. What I want to do is build a custom app that works on a regular android phone where I can use the camera1 or camera2 apis to get access to camera...
  5. Gleis

    App Inventor Which is the best OS to choose in Android Studio?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering, which is the best OS to choose when opening a new project in Android Studio? Is there any other difference, except for the numbers of users using that specific operating system? And which one you recommend me use? Editied : OS=Minimum API level Thanks :)
  6. Android News

    Google is working on a new payment API for the web and mobile

    Google has announced a new payment API which can be used on the desktop or mobile devices. This API is similar to how PayPal works when it comes to making payments online.
  7. Android News

    Gmail API update adds endpoints for handling filters, auto-replies, and more

    Google has update the API for Gmail which adds endpoints for handling filters, forwarding addresses, auto-forwarding, IMAP/POP settings, send-as aliases, signatures, and vacation "out of office" auto-replies.
  8. Android News

    Developers could face issues depending upon outcome of Oracle v. Google part 2

    Depending upon what happens in the second trial between Oracle and Google, developers could run into issues when trying to have their applications join up with the API's for different services.
  9. P

    Help Chmod failed: EPERM (Operation not permitted)

    Hi I tried to install an apk (from android-python27 project) which unzip and chmod some files in my storage, but I get the following Error (samsung s5 API 21): Unzip extracted /storage/emulated/0/com.android.python27/extras/python/xml/etree/ElementPath.py 01-18 17:08:54.403...
  10. Android News

    Family app sharing, Nearby apps, hinted for Android in Google Play Services v8.4 update

    Google Play Services has been updated for v8.4 and with it comes many code-level changes that indicate huge updates on the way. Among them are Family Sharing plans for apps and other Play Store purchases, the ability to "invite" nearby people to apps you're using, and development improvements...