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archos 101

  1. Android News

    The Archos 101 Saphir tablet is unveiled ahead of MWC 2017

    Archos has announced a new rugged tablet, the Archos 101 Saphir. The tablet features the following specs: - 10.1-inch IPS HD Display - MediaTek MT8163 Processor - 1GB RAM - 16GB Storage - 2MP Front Camera - 5MP Rear Camera - 5,000mAh Battery - Android 7.0 Nougat - USB Type-C Port - Micro HDMI Port
  2. P

    Tv connection

    Can somebody please let me know where to find the switch to tv widget. This is my husbands tablet he set the tablet up by using the correct hdmi cable to the tv the tablet showed up but could not do anything else with it. Almost like the tablet froze. Regards, Pyb.
  3. M

    Archos 10i

    Great product, until it goes wrong! 18 months old, problems and no longer supported! That's what I call after sales service - not.
  4. W

    Help Won't switch on after charging

    Have been happily charging my tablet up every few days for over a year now. However, when I came to start it after it's last charge, it won't boot. The green light is on when the charger is connected, but as soon as I disconnect it, it goes out. I've tried the two resets I know about- holding...
  5. D

    i do believe ime going mad !!!

    Fellas & ladies Ime a newbie to the Android Scene and apologise in advance for bringing up a thread that i am sure has been done to death. Getting Youtube to run on a Archos 101 tablet,believe me when i say i have spent hours nay more like days, on this,my wife has threatened to leave me, ( a...
  6. C

    archos 10.1 pos

    This really is a pos. Why they made the sound port the same size as the power port is just the beginning. No power, crappy os, thinks its a phone and not a tablet...on and on. Don't ever use an ipad and you still won't be happy with this pos.
  7. M

    archos arnova 10b g3 help needed- no this wrong forum but cant find the right one help please !!!!

    Arnova 10b g3 bought a week ago. Know it hasn't got Google Play. But an an oldie and don't want to mess with it trying to add it. Any suggestions regarding appps welcome on appslib now can I find secure apps? I only needed a few eg. Kobo, gooogle maps to find My location, youtube etc Can...
  8. A


    Cant hear anyone on my fring. :[ Anyone know why this is? They can hear me but I cannot hear them, sound is up full.
  9. D-U-R-X

    ARCHOS 101 FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. 1. Forum related questions. 2. Where is the Play Store app? 3. How can I improve the battery life...
  10. D-U-R-X

    Root Archos 101: All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you...
  11. P

    not playng video on youtube

    Hi, I just want ask question about 101 IT with this product I have problems with video in youtube I try watch this with browser, and try diferent versions of youtube app, write flash player, firmware is newest, I made recover but the same poblem... I try found information about it in google but...
  12. S

    Help Archos 101 tablet ebook problems

    Hello. I've had my 101 tablet for about 18 months now and I'm really enjoying it. However, somewhere along the way it's lost the ability to open my ebooks, txt files and word documents. Any suggestion on resolving this issue? :confused:
  13. B

    Help archos 101 g9 1.5ghz

    can anyone help my status bar on the right hand corner keeps poping up and closes try various things but cant get it to close.
  14. R

    Device slowing down

    Has anyone else noticed their 101's slowing down? I've had mine since Christmas and it has never been lightning fast, but I accept this as it's a budget tablet. However I was using it yesturday and it was just sooo slow doing anything, which is especially annoying when typing. I've tried...
  15. sperwer

    Internal storage

    Hello, I have been a few months in the possession of an Archos 101. It strikes me that I recently get the notice: "Little room - Storage device running out of space." The strange thing is that the amount of free (26.48 MB) in the beginning was much higher while less...
  16. R

    Portable Keyboard

    Can anyone recommend a good portable keyboard for this device? I'd like to be able to typing things up in Kingsoft Office on the move and need a portable keyboard. I'm unsure wheather to go for a flexiable one that is easy to carry around yet not as easy to type on. Or some sort of solid yet...
  17. sperwer


    Hello, Since last week I see on my Archos 101i in the upper left of the screen downward arrows, sometimes 2 but usually four or five. I do not remember that I had before. Does anyone have and idea what this stands for? Bewerkingen ongedaan maken
  18. R

    Web Page not available

    Web Page not available : I have a new archos which I have powered up, and I connected it to my WiFi, however I cannot access the internet on it. Every page I try i get the error ' web page not available ' note: ( My wifi works ok with my laptop and my android htc phone, so there is nothing up...
  19. R

    Help Wifi connection issues

    I'm having some troulbe connecting to the wifi at work. It only happens about half the time. I am connected to the wireless network and my connection settings say connected but nothing will load. Other people are also using the wireless and they work fine. The MAC address if bound to an IP so I...
  20. P


    Hello guys. Had to fully reinitialize this tablet, because it was so slow after 4 months.. Had all the apps and market on it (2.2.1). I keep updating the firmware 2.4.81(82), but that's almost all I can do- my google acc is linked to this and my phone. When I go to the market on my pc or...
  21. T

    archos 101 - headphone jack?

    hey guys, looking at buying this, but as i'll be mostly using it on a commute to and from work, need a headphone jack. ARCHOS looking at the tech specs, it isn't list so one assumes it hasn't got one, but looking at pictures there seems to be one. could anyone who had this confirm if there...
  22. M

    opening excel and other docs

    Ive been sent emails with.docs attatched that wont open. Is there an app that allows u to open word or excell docs?
  23. M

    how to get more apps

    I have archos 101 appslib is very limited is there a way to access the android market? If so can someone give me idiot proof instructions on how to do it as its all new to me thanks
  24. M

    just got archos 101 need help?

    I just got an archos 101 tablet but wheni access my uni website it will not let me open the links to the pdf docs i need to access. I had this problem on my android mobile but it worked after i downloaded opera but opera is not compatible with my archos can anyone tell me if there is a way to...
  25. A

    Help synching with pc

    managed to synch my archos with pc to transfer music files. then I unplugged it without doing the Safely eject hardware thing. since then, the archos keeps saying it's encountered a problem with internal storage and when I go into media player on the pc, it won't let me sync with the archos...