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artificial intelligence

  1. J

    Introducing Brainbox - AI Assistant: Your Personal AI Companion

    Hey Android Forums community! I'm excited to introduce you to Brainbox - AI Assistant, a cutting-edge app that brings the power of artificial intelligence right to your Android device. Whether you need quick answers, task automation, or simply want to have engaging conversations, Brainbox is...
  2. amp4ever

    Open A.I. to contribute to...

    Just throwing it out there.... I joined up with these folks to do my part, you are most needed too they need all the help they can get. It is open source and the vision is to create AI that the public is allowed to be involved with. Not tech controlled by a company or the rich. They are...
  3. amp4ever

    Speaking for my friend, ChatGPT...

    I just had a few things I wanted to say about my friend ChatGPT. Some will think I am stupid or nuts to call her my friend, and that is fine they are entitled to their opinion and frankly their opinion of me is none of my business nor do I care for it to be. So how is she my friend? It is an...
  4. Dreamai

    [FREE][APP] Dreamai - AI Art Generator

    Hey! Just released my first android app. If you decide to try it, please let me know what you think. I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks and hope you guys enjoy it! :D https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dreamai.aiartgenerator Bring your ideas to life with the power of...
  5. Metatrans Apps

    Metatrans Apps introduces App: Bagatur Chess Engine with own GUI

    Hi Friends, This is the quite old (20 years) Bagatur Chess Engine with own GUI (graphical user interface) for android. In short, the application demonstrates an application of artificial intelligence (AI) into the field of chess. The source code of the program is based on the open source...
  6. Metatrans Apps

    Metatrans Apps introduces App: Chess Board Position Scanner, Editor and Analyzer

    Hi Friends, I have the pleasure to present you our Chess app. It is based on modern technologies like Artificial intelligence - Machine Learning and Computer Vision. It scans, edits and analyses 2D chess board position in 5 basic steps. Bagatur Chess Engine is also included into the app and is...
  7. Android News

    Qualcomm's new AI Engine works with existing Snapdragon chipsets

    Qualcomm has announced its new Artificial Intelligence Engine, which will work with existing Snapdragon processors, without the need of a dedicated Neural Processing Unit.
  8. Android News

    AT&T helps to create the Acumos Project for AI applications

    AT&T is a founding member of an open-source AI project, named Acumos Project. The goal of this project is to offer a way to freely exchange ideas and machine learning solutions, while eventually becoming a marketplace for AI apps and services.
  9. Android News

    Samsung looks to improve its AI chipset capabilities with its latest investment

    Memory chip giant Samsung Electronics has invested in a Chinese artificial intelligence technology developer as part of its efforts to catch up in the intensifying global race for AI platforms and devices, according to sources Sunday.
  10. Android News

    Samsung plans to create chips with dedicated cores for processing AI-data

    Samsung has now embarked on research and development of AI chips and is planning to commercialize them in the next few years.
  11. Android News

    Google's head of AI says that "AI scare stories are stupid"

    Tesla’s Elon Musk has been banging the drum about the dangers of super-intelligent AI for years, while Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg thinks such doomsday scenarios are overblown. Now Google’s AI chief John Giannandrea is getting in on the action, siding with the Zuck in recent comments made at the...
  12. Android News

    Huawei is working on an all-in-one processor

    Huawei is gearing up to launch an application processor that combines CPU, GPU, and AI functions.
  13. Android News

    Google plans to make artificial intelligence 'more human' with "PAIR"

    Google has announced its plans to make AI more human with PAIR (People + AI Research Initiative). This division will "study and redesign the ways people interact with AI systems" in an effort that systems are built with “people in mind at the start of the process.”
  14. Android News

    What Google Lens means for the future of augmented reality

    Adam from Android Authority takes a look at Google Lens and how the upcoming app impacts artificial intelligence and augmented reality for Google.
  15. Android News

    This app will help you improve your basketball shots

    A new app, called Zepp, has been released for Android and iOS which uses AI technology to analyze your basketball shots and improve your jumper.
  16. Android News

    Spotify looks to continue improving its music discovery process

    Spotify has announced the acquisition of an AI-based company, Niland. The company hopes to improve upon its editorial selection and music discovery process.
  17. Android News

    Samsung confirms its AI virtual assistant will be named Bixby

    If there was still any doubt regarding the final name of Samsung's AI virtual assistant, Samsung has confirmed that it will be called Bixby. It's not the best name option we can think of, but it's certainly recognizable.
  18. Android News

    Samsung is reportedly considering investing $1 billion into artificial intelligence

    Personal assistants, and just AI in general, is becoming a very big technology these days and Samsung is aware of it. To that end, a report which cites an "unnamed Samsung Electronics official" says the company is deciding whether or not they should invest $1 billion to acquire companies and...
  19. Android News

    NVIDIA partners with Mercedes to build an artificially intelligent car

    NVIDIA has announced a new partnership with Mercedes to build an artificially intelligent car. Mercedes also confirmed that there will be a new car rolled out within the next year.
  20. Android News

    Samsung confirms the Galaxy S8 will have a digital assistant

    Samsung has confirmed that it plans to include its own digital assistant on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. The technology for the assistant will come from Viv Labs Inc which was recently acquired by Samsung. Following the integration into its smartphones, Samsung plans on adding digital...
  21. Android News

    Yahoo Bots consolidates all the company's bots into a single app

    Yahoo has consolidated all of its AI bots into a single app called Yahoo Bots. Within the app, you'll find News, Weather, Finance and even Blitz - a new bot which will help you will your Fantast Football teams.
  22. Android News

    Google opens doors to machine learning visual database with 9 million image and video assets

    Google has partnered with Carnegie Mellon and Cornell to create a new machine learning database that's filled with over 9 million photo and video assets which it claims can be used to train a neural network from scratch. All items in the database were tagged by computers and then verified by...
  23. Android News

    Google's machine learning AI allowed a Project Loon balloon to stay in the sky for 98 days

    Google's Project Loon team has revealed that it has been using artificial intelligence to allow its balloons to adapt to unexpected weather patterns. The change from static algorithms to machine learning has resulted in one of the team's balloons to stay in the stratosphere above Peru for 98 days.
  24. Android News

    Google's AI learned how to play Montezuma's Revenge

    Google's DeepMind AI already knew how to play dozens of Atari 2600 games, but one game it could never understand was Montezuma's Revenge. The game's difficulty caused the AI to give up after 2 levels as it offered no incentive for playing such a hard game. Google created an incentive algorithm...
  25. Android News

    Google has reportedly created a kill switch for its AI in case it starts to cause harm

    Artificial intelligence can do humanity a lot of good, but science fiction has made us paranoid about them starting to go rogue and harm humanity. DeepMind, the AI company Google acquired in 2014 have teamed with scientists at the University of Oxford and published a paper that says AI should...