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Metatrans Apps introduces App: Chess Board Position Scanner, Editor and Analyzer

Hi Friends,

I have the pleasure to present you our Chess app. It is based on modern technologies like Artificial intelligence - Machine Learning and Computer Vision. It scans, edits and analyses 2D chess board position in 5 basic steps.

Bagatur Chess Engine is also included into the app and is used for analyses. The ELO of Bagatur 2.2 chess engine is around 3000. It has unique playing style leading to different games compared to the games of the top chess engines like Stockfish and Komodo.

The application is tested with default pieces sets from lichess.org and chess.com as these sites are intensively used by chess players. If the application does not work well for you as your pieces are different, please send us an image with all pieces so we could add it to the application.

Google Play download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chessboardscanner

Huawei App Gallery: https://appgallery.huawei.com/#/app/C104275739

F-Droid compatible: https://apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid/index/apk/com.chessboardscanner?repo=metatrans

Web page: https://metatransapps.com/chess-board-scanner-and-analyzer/

Your feedback is very welcome!

Best regards,



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