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asus memo pad hd

  1. BasilisG

    Help asus memo pad hd 7 (me173x) need for clean backup

    Hi My tablet have became corrupted. I am stocked in a bootloop process and any try to use flashtool have failed. One thing that might help me recovery my tablet is to restore a backup from another asus memo pad hd 7 (me173x). Does anyone have a clean backup for asus memo pad hd 7 (me173x) ...
  2. JacquiGE

    Help Wifi not working on memo pad hd 7

    I have replaced my screen on my tablet and now when I go to the Wi-Fi sliding on/off switch. The switch flickers from Off to On several times before finally deciding to stay Off. The same thing happens with the BlueTooth toggle switch. I just can't figure it out. Is it a malfunction in the...
  3. Macroltd

    Help Avoided poor internet connection

    ASUS MeMO Pad 7HD Me173x, Android 4.2.2 . Have had for about a year now w/o any connection problems at all. Last week could not connect to a Wi-Fi that has worked every time. Droid Maxx in Wi-Fi mode had no problems. came home and would not connect to home network. Neither would Droid Maxx...
  4. Skynet11

    Official Asus MeMO Pad HD 7 User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Asus MeMO Pad HD 7 User Manual - The official Asus MeMO Pad HD 7 User Guide Read more about this resource...
  5. O

    Help Can no longer see files under internal storage from PC

    Hello, I have an Asus ME173X that has been working fine for over a year now. However, recently, after connecting it as MTP to a laptop for transferring files, I could no longer see the folders on the internal storage (from the explorer on the laptop). 1. Asus tab has Android version 4.2.1...
  6. supra_keinett99

    Root how to activate USB debug during a bootloop?

    I have an Asus Memo Pad HD 7 rooted with freedom, one day, I'd activate the option "Freecore", after it ask for reboot, I click "reboot" and after I'd stuck on the bootloop problem . please, tell me how I can resolve it, and how I can activate the usb debug. ... Thanks. ..
  7. R

    Help Is there a browser that actually works?

    I get really frustrated that most things on Android never actually do what I want them to do. And then I get more frustrated that Googling for problems on Android apps I get a bunch of results relating to the Windows versions. I must be getting old but things used to be better than this :( I...
  8. yousefda

    Help I need help ! memo pad hd7 k00u rom

    I was running K00u stock ROM rooted until I tried to change system font .... The system bricked boot loop and shit I tried many me173x Roms No WiFi and Bluetooth ... after that I flashed k00u 4.2.4 20131013 Worked fine with WiFi and Bluetooth My stock ROM was K00u 4.2.4 20140622 And now the...
  9. J

    Official MemoPad HD 7 Wallpaper

    I like the "dock and ocean" official wallpaper on the Memopad HD 7. Is there a way I can copy it and use it on mt Nexus 7 tablet?
  10. G

    Root Root with broken screen?

    Hello all I have a Asus MemoPad me173x with broken screen device is locked and unrooted. 1)I have tried using fastboot to get a custom recovery so i can use a rooted rom.it is failing because of (i guess loced bootloader) 2) Then tried the "Unlocking the bootloader" using Flash_tool.exe...
  11. hasitur

    Root ASUS MeMo PAD HD 7 (ME173X) Stock ROM

    ASUS MeMo PAD HD 7 (ME173X) WW Stock ROM XDA Developers forum -Asus Tablet PC Driver -Adb Driver Installer -SP Flash Tool -Framaroot (Root Program) ASUS MeMo PAD HD 7 (ME173X) WW Stock ROM ME173X_WW_user_4.2.4.06716_20130918 ME173X_WW_user_4.2.4.72702_20131128...
  12. M

    Car Charger

    Anyone found a car charger with the right specs? (For the HD 7, 1.35 amp output). All I see on eBay or Amazon are 2.0 or 2.1 amp output. The ASUS website doesn't even have one of any type.
  13. hasitur

    Root ASUS MeMo PAD HD 7 ME173XX (K00U) Stock ROM

    XDA Developers forum SP Flash Tool Asus Tablet PC Driver Adb Driver Installer Framaroot (Root Program) ASUS MeMo PAD HD 7 ME173XX (K00U) Stock ROM K00U_WW_user _4.2.4.28680_20131023_Orjinal Android system recovery Wipe Data / Factory Reset Wipe Cache Partition...
  14. hasitur

    Help ME173XX (K00U) CWM Recovery to .zip ROM

    ME173XX (K00U) CWM Recovery to .zip ROM ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 K00U_WW_user _4.2.4.28680_20131023 How do I install CWM Recovery I have installed CWM Recovery and Backup How can I .zip ROM ASUS MeMo Pad HD 7 (K00U) Backup ROM and can not find. ASUS MeMo PAD HD 7 ME173XX (K00U) Stock ROM .
  15. J

    Root Problem with USB / Charge in my Memopad hd7

    Hello everybody. Since a time ago i was using the superdragon's rom and everything worked fine, but one day my tablet just stops the charging and my pc didn
  16. C

    Cheap and Effective Miracast Adapter (20$ and up)

    Hey guys just want to show you an extremely cheap and efficient miracast adapter for our Tablet its called the HI763 Miracast Adapter heres the page on ebay...
  17. L

    Help Wi-Fi and BlueTooth won't connect on MeMO Pad HD 7

    I've literally just received my ASUS MeMO Pad 7 today and started going through the set-up screens and have already come across a problem. Step 3 in the set-up phase it asks to select a network. After waiting for 10 minutes nothing appeared on the screen so I decided to skip the option. I...
  18. C

    Root How to Root The Asus Memopad Tab 7 HD (Simplified)

    steps: 1.Download and install OTA update to V4.2.2 2.connect your tab to your computer and let it install and download the drivers 3.download and install Kingo Root on your computer 4.Turn USB debugging on your tablet "ON" for this go to settings go to "about tablet" then repeatedly tap build...
  19. P


    Has anyone found a compatible (not expensive) external keyboard for the Memopad 7 HD? I tried a couple of generic high street ones (bluetooth), which dont appear to work (Im in UK)
  20. P

    Help Can't Connect to Internet on Asus MeMO Pad HD 7

    (yes, I've already viewed the one posted a couple days ago, I have a different problem) I got my tablet January, and WiFi has worked wonderfully so far. It's able to connect to available connections super-fast. There are 2 connections that my tablet can find whenever I'm at home (not...
  21. D

    Help Can I import files from my PC?

    Hello, I am a complete newbie to Android and tablets in general. I just bought an ASUS Memo Pad 7 which is my first tablet ever. So please be kind ;) I am looking for advice on how to properly import files to the Memo Pad 7 from my PC. I have connected the Memo Pad to my PC via the USB cable...
  22. E

    Is Asus Memo Pad HD7 Good For Gaming ?

    Hi,I Wanted To Buy A New Android Tablet At A Reasonable Price... And I Found Asus Memo Pad HD7 On The Internet.. I Like The Specs Of This Tablet But I Don't Know If This Tablet Is Good For Gaming So I Wanted To Know If This Tablet Is Good For Gaming ?.. Asus Memo Pad HD7 Main Specs...
  23. H

    Help Unfortunately Bluetooth has stopped - ME173X

    The Asus ME173X displays the above message everytime I try to connect and stream music to my Subaru Forrester. The tab is on Android 4.2.2 on an OTA update. The device and the car system pair reliably the multiple times I've tried to reinitialize the two. In researching this, I find that...
  24. B

    Root [DEV] CM10.1 for MeMO Pad HD7

    I have been working on CM 10.1 and have made some progress. I am trying to find any devs that are wanting to help on this project. There is still tons of work to be done, but I have gotten to a point that should make it easy to get started. Once I get a few more details ironed out, I will be...
  25. K

    Help adb quit working

    I bought an ASUS Memopad HD7 around the 10th of November 2013, mainly to check out an app I'm writing on a newer version of Android. I was able to debug my app until around the 20th of December. Then adb quit working. Typing "adb devices", from the command prompt, shows a blank list. Device...