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asus transformer pad 300

  1. J

    Accessories Keyboard battery not charging

    I just posted about my screen being black but I wanted to create a different thread since this is a different issue but I think they are related. I ran over the end of my charging cable with a roller computer chair. One of the little nodes on the charging cable that plugs into the...
  2. J

    Help Display not working

    Hey all. My display isn't working. I am guessing something is fried. I ran over the end of my charging cable with a roller computer chair. One of the little nodes on the charging cable that plugs into the tablet was bent. I just bent it back in hopes of not having to get a new charger. It worked...
  3. Skynet11

    Official Asus Transformer Pad TF300T User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Asus Transformer Pad TF300T User Manual - The official Asus Transformer Pad TF300T User Guide Read more about this resource...
  4. W

    Help TF300T stuck on boot

    So, I was on my tablet uninstalling a couple of games (Plants vs Zombies 2, Angry Birds, etc.) since I no longer played them. Now, after that, I decided to browse the Play Store to check for apps and stuff. While doing so, my tablet decides to shut itself down and rebooted and that's where it...
  5. R

    Help Hard Drive, Reload OS

    I know little about Android OS. I know plenty about PC. I recently was shopping on line for a hard drive for my PC, and while doing so, at Seagate.com, I came across a 500 GB replacement HD for Android tablet.Can someone tell me how I would replace the OS on a new bare drive, or how to clone the...
  6. D

    Help Tf300t charging

    My Tf300t will not charge. I checked the lead, plug, the socket in the keyboard from the pins to the pcb, and the battery. They all test out ok. Is there anywhere I can get a replacement docking pcb, I think the charging circuit is goosed.
  7. bramkaandorp

    Help Hangouts ringtone cut short when device is closed.

    When I call the Transformer, the ringtone is cut short (1 second), with a sound following it that is similar to the screen lock sound. After disabling the lock screen sound, the sound is still there, so that's probably not it. This only happens when the device is closed (docked in the...
  8. C

    Help Issues

    I bought this tablet a couple years ago expecting to use it for school. Unfortunately it didn't work out but I kept it anyways. Now, I need something portable to write code on. The issue is that I am trying to get DroidEdit and, on the site, it says "You don't have any devices" which is a lie...
  9. A

    Help Asus TF300 Boot problem ( 4.2 Jelly Bean )

    Hi , I Have Asus TF300 tablet, it was getting really slow and had some performance issues. It's also running on Android 4.2. Recently I tried to open up the app I recently downloaded ( dropbox ) and my tablet froze , I had to do a reset by holding the power key , after doing so it tried to boot...
  10. G

    Help TF300L Andriod 4.2 not available for Serial #s beginning with C

    I just purchased an Asus Transformer TF300 TL. It is running Andriod version 4.1.1. I've seen postings on the web that an upgrade to Andriod 4.2 was available in 3/2013 for the TF300TL Update check states that I am up to date. Asus support stated since my serial # begins with a 'C' (2012) I...
  11. S

    Help Transformer Pad 300 Not charging or turning on EVER!

    I have tried both charging via computer and wall and nothing happens. When holding down the power button DEAD. I went to a retailer today and they tried to plug into their computers and it was not recognized. What can I assume is the issue? I read about battery replacement or could it be the...
  12. rushmore

    Poor quality

    I had the 300 and gave up on it due to wonky keyboard function and random but frequent resets due to the power button design. I even returned my T100 since the button had a similar design that seemed prone to also fail at some point. The 701 has keyboard issues like the 300. Apparently...
  13. S

    Help Post Screen Replacement - Weird boot up failure

    Hey all, I have an Asus TF300T and recently replaced a cracked screen. I replaced with the same type - 69.10121.G01. Replacement went smoothly enough. Once screen replacement was complete, I plugged in the charger - saw the Battery Icon on the screen confirm it was charging and the light on...
  14. G

    Help Stop apps from updating automatically?

    Is there some way to stop my apps (on my Asus Transformer Pad, TF300T) from updating automatically without going into EACH one, one at a time? I would like to have a setting that says apps cannot update automatically. Thanks.
  15. jericko

    CROMBi-kk - My Review

    Both my wife and I each have a TF300, and have been running stock since we bought them over a year ago. In the past few month, each tablet has become almost unstable with horrible lag issues. I decided to unlock my bootloader, and install CROMBi-kk. I used to install ROMs on my old HTC EVO...
  16. W

    Help Help with reinstalling older version of youtube

    When I got my tablet, it had the black themed YouTube app, same as my phone, which I like. The version is 2.4.4, but for some reason my tablet updated it to 4.4.11 and does not give me the option to remove updates. Is there anyway for me to get back the 2.4.4 version.
  17. B

    Help Basic Questions about homescreens and icons

    Hi there I have two questions. 1. How do you delete blank homescreens? There are 5 by default but we don't need four of them. 2. When I download a desktop shortcut from the browser, they all look the same (A red pennant with a white star)Is there a way I can get them to look different? For...
  18. benak

    Help Settings Button GONE!

    I have had my ASUS TF300T for about 2 years now and its been great! Except now the "Settings Button" has been replaced by an Android avatar that says "Unfortunately, com.android.settings has stopped" !! What the hell is up with that?!
  19. T

    How can I get my tf300 working it's best?

    Hello, Let me start with a brief history. I have had my tf300t for a year now. It gets very little use. Mainly because I think it is slow and sluggish. It just seems easier most the time to put it down and grab the laptop. That kind of defeats the purpose of why we purchased this tablet. We...
  20. jericko

    Root Need Help Putting a ROM on my TF300

    SO I decided I want to install Cromi-X on my tablet. So from the reading, here is what I think I must do: 1. Download the unlock tool from ASUS and unlock my boot loader. 2. Install TWRP 3. Install CROMi-X ODEX 5.2.4_Signed.zip from TWRP What I I am having problems figuring out is...
  21. F

    tv streaming?

    anybody have experience using the tf300t to stream to a tv? I dont have a smart tv, but a regular lcd. After searching, there are so many devices that do this but reviews are mixed. I just want something that will mirror what i have on my tablet to my tv. Suggestions greatly appreciated...
  22. jericko

    Help Whats the best/most stable custom ROM?

    My wife and I both have TF300s, and they both seem a bit sluggish. What is the best ROM(s) out there that are stable and look nice (like stock)? Thanks Jason
  23. K

    Tablet is crap

    Now I got this tablet from my daughter. She does not like it. I SEE WHY. I went to do some work on it and says no flash player. It is as bad as my galaxy note 2. Why cant the MFG make a stupid devise that you can use. Ahhhh okay I am done venting now.:banghead:
  24. bramkaandorp

    Help Happy Bay ads in notification area.

    I have no idee which app is doing this. I've used Ad Detector (Infolife), AppBrain Ad Detector and Lookout Ad Network Detector to find the culprit, but nowhere do I find the name "Happy Bay". The notification can't be swiped away, I have to click it to get it to go away. I've gone over all...
  25. B

    Anyone know if this tablet will get kit kat?

    What the title says :D