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    I'm done with AT&T

    Hi folks: I'm looking for a cheaper service. Mint's $15.00 a month unlimited talk and Internet for each of my two phones sounds good. I'm assuming there's about that much more for taxes and whatever. Ryan Reynolds is a good actor with a good sense of humor. Is there another network I...
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    Bricked Android S7 AT&T

    Ive mistakenly bricked my Android S7 AT&T with firmware of a different S7 baseband, please help. I have tried factory resets and looked online for other firmwares but none seem to match my phone
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    Recovering text messages from 3 or 4 years ago?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 with AT&T. For text messages that I have sent, are they stored on some server at AT&T or anywhere else? I am trying to view some text messages I sent a few years ago so I can get the phone number for the person I texted. Surely text messages have to be stored on a...
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    AT&T rolls out Android 8.0 Oreo for the LG V30

    AT&T is now distributing the update to Android 8.0 Oreo to the LG V30 units it has sold. The update for the V30 also features the latest security fixes. After installing it you'll have the March 1, 2018 security patch level.
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    AT&T Galaxy S8 Now Also Receiving Oreo Update

    Following Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, it appears owners of the Galaxy S8 on AT&T are beginning to receive Oreo. The update should also be rolling out to the Galaxy S8+. For the Galaxy S8, the build is labeled as R16NW.G950USQU2CRB9, weighing in at around 1.5GB.
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    Verizon and AT&T will launch 5G hotspots

    Verizon and AT&T have both announced plans to make 5G hotspots available for their network until 5G-capable smartphones are more commonplace.
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    AT&T making changes to its new unlimited data plans

    AT&T has introduced some changes to its unlimited wireless plan offerings, with the Unlimited Plus Enhanced and the Unlimited Choice Enhanced plans. Ultimately the Unlimited Plus plan is now $10 cheaper than the top-tier plan.
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    Moto Z2 Force on AT&T gets Oreo update

    AT&T has started pushing out a new update to Motorola Moto Z2 Force units on its network. Weighing in at 334MB and arriving as build number OCX27.109-47, it's a major update that brings along Android Oreo.
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    AT&T announces its first 5G markets

    AT&T has announced it will bring 5G service to Dallas, Waco, and Atlanta first.
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    AT&T will launch mobile 5G first in Atlanta, Dallas and Waco

    AT&T is finally willing to say exactly where you'll see mobile 5G in 2018. The carrier has confirmed that "parts" of Atlanta, Waco and its home turf of Dallas will adopt the standards-based service (and not their fake '5G Evolution' improvements) when it goes live before the end of the year...
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    AT&T files complaint against T-Mobile over John Legere video

    AT&T has filed a complaint against T-Mobile, alleging that a claymation video featuring John Legere was misleading against the company.
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    T-Mobile sued after porting man's number to thieves who stole his cryptocurrency

    A Washington man has filed suit against T-Mobile for improperly porting his number to AT&T, allowing thieves to make off with his cryptocurrency. The issue is that AT&T's request to port the number in is supposed to be verified by getting the customer's PIN number, but T-Mobile presumably let...
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    Verizon and AT&T LTE Speeds Start Recovering

    The folks at OpenSignal released new data today that updates us on the US wireless carrier LTE speed race. In the last major report, their data showed pretty steep declines in speeds from Verizon and AT&T as each had re-introduced unlimited data plans again, while T-Mobile’s speeds only...
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    Report: US Government Wants AT&T to Cut All Commercial Ties With Huawei

    A new report from Reuters says the US government is pushing AT&T to cut all commercial ties with Chinese company Huawei, or face the consequences of not being able to conduct business with the government.
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    Huawei's AT&T deal may have failed due to political pressure

    A new report says Huawei's deal with AT&T may have fallen through because the government believes Huawei is a security threat.
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    AT&T backs away from deal to sell Huawei smartphones

    Rumors suggested AT&T would offer Huawei phones for sale this year, but a new report says AT&T has backed away from the deal.
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    AT&T will launch real mobile 5G in 12 cities this year

    AT&T unveiled plans to launch spec-based mobile 5G (not the fixed-in-place kind) to everyday consumers in 12 cities by late 2018. It's not specific about where those markets are or which devices will be the first to adopt the faster speeds
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    All 50 states opt in to AT&T’s FirstNet public safety network

    AT&T has announced all 50 states have agreed to opt into AT&T's FirstNet public safety network designed to give first responders dedicated access to LTE coverage and starting today the network will run on AT&T's existing LTE infrastructure.
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    AT&T's Huawei Mate 10 Pro launch pushed to February

    A report from earlier this month confirmed that the Huawei Mate 10 series will hit AT&T and Verizon in the US sometime in January 2018. However, now it's come to light that the launch - at least for the AT&T Mate 10 Pro - has been pushed to February.
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    Huawei Mate 10 Pro coming to AT&T in February

    A new report from The Information suggests Huawei will be challenging Apple on its home turf with the Huawei Mate 10 Pro on AT&T, which will debut in February.
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    Huawei Mate 10 series to hit AT&T and Verizon in the US

    Huawei is teaming up with AT&T and Verizon to offer the Huawei Mate 10 and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro as as the next step in its US expansion.
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    AT&T makes changes to its international Passport plans

    AT&T is replacing its Passport Gold and Silver options with new AT&T Passport 1GB and 3GB options.
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    AT&T HD Voice calling now available for Pixel 2 XL with Android 8.1

    AT&T doesn't carry the Pixel 2 XL, but its network features are coming to the device anyway in this Android 8.1 Oreo update.
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    Deal: $200 off AT&T's ZTE Axon M

    Best Buy is knocking $200 dollars off the cost of the ZTE Axon M if you buy it with a 2-year installment plan. That takes your monthly payments down from $27 per month to $17 per month.
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    AT&T says it won't block apps, forgets to mention it blocked FaceTime

    AT&T is continuing to push for the end of net neutrality by promising that it will never block apps, but the company conveniently left out the fact that it already did this back in 2012 and 2013 with FaceTime on iPhone devices.