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  1. S

    My installed bixby capsules

    On a Samsung S22 Ultra with Android 12 and bixby When I searched for my answer, I saw this older bixby video in the screenshot with a full bixby UI with pictures and categories and when you swipe over or press settings there is a my capsules button. When I open bixby I just get a...
  2. Android News

    Samsung buys another AI startup to improve Bixby

    In its mission to further improve Bixby, Samsung has acquired artificial intelligence startup Kngine. It has taken a 100 percent stake in the company that has developed an artificial intelligence search engine which can understand and answer questions as well as perform relevant actions.
  3. Android News

    SamMobile: Galaxy Note 9 features will include Bixby 2.0, says Samsung CEO

    DJ Koh, the CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, has revealed that the Galaxy Note 9 features will include Bixby 2.0. Samsung first talked about Bixby 2.0 four months ago at its Developer Conference in San Francisco. The company said at that time that Bixby 2.0 is going to be a “bold reinvention”...
  4. Android News

    Samsung to launch Bixby-powered smart speaker in second half of 2018

    Samsung will release a Bixby-powered smart speaker in the second half of the year, Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh has confirmed. Koh made the comments during an interview at MWC 2018.
  5. Android News

    Samsung wants to accelerate the launch of Bixby-powered home appliances

    Samsung wants to accelerate the launch of Bixby-based home appliances to speed up AI advancement. The company will officially launch a new TV model in March in New York as part of the efforts. It is also planning to bring Bixby powered washing machines around the start of spring this year.
  6. Android News

    Engadget: Samsung is teaching Bixby to count the calories in your food

    Samsung has started a new initiative to get Bixby Vision to be able to identify how many calories are in food, just by pointing the phone's camera.
  7. Android News

    Samsung adds Bixby voice control to its Family Hub smart fridge

    Samsung is fulfilling its promise of spreading Bixby beyond mobile devices -- it just unveiled a Family Hub 3.0 refrigerator whose star attraction is (you guessed it) Bixby voice control. It's still not clear what Bixby will allow you to do on the fridge, though we imagine phone integration will...
  8. Android News

    Samsung's CTO has departed the company

    Samsung's CTO and former head of the Bixby division, Rhee In-jong has departed the company.
  9. Android News

    Samsung Bixby gets Spanish language support

    Samsung's Bixby now supports Spanish. The update doesn't seem to be widely available at the moment, with reports currently only coming out of Spain.
  10. Android News

    Samsung acquires AI startup to strengthen Bixby’s conversational skills

    Samsung has acquired South Korean startup Fluently, which specializes in text-based conversational artificial intelligence, to strengthen Bixby. Launched in the United States back in 2015, the application is compatible with various third-party services, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram and...
  11. Android News

    Samsung launches Bixby Voice in China

    Bixby Voice Chinese support will soon be going live. Samsung conducted an event today to mark the launch of the service in the camera after lengthy delays.
  12. Android News

    Latest Samsung update kills the Bixby Button for good

    Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 users will be happy to know that the latest update to their devices now actually kills the Bixby button for good if you disable it. Previously, the button acted like a second power button when pressed.
  13. Android News

    Bixby will get its weather data from The Weather Company

    The Weather Company has confirmed that it’s now providing weather data for Samsung’s digital personal assistant Bixby.
  14. Android News

    Samsung has announced Bixby 2.0 already

    Samsung has announced Bixby 2.0, despite Bixby 1.0 being less than six months old.
  15. Android News

    Bixby 2.0 is on the way

    Samsung has revealed that they've hired a new software director to head up Bixby development in anticipation of Bixby 2.0. Samsung says the update will focus on making it the complete experience that was originally promised.
  16. Phases

    How To Remove Bixby voice input/typing in favor of traditional Google Voice typing

    This may be posted already and if so, I apologize, but this was driving me nuts until I figured out how to remove Bixby - who just plain sucks for voice input - sorry Samsung. It took me a minute to figure it out and now it's like, "duh" but, for anyone else going bonkers with regards to this...
  17. Android News

    A slew of Samsung apps receive updates

    Samsung is updating a large majority of their Google Play apps, including basic apps and advanced ones like the Note 8's Air Command and Live Message. The updates seem to make enhancements to make them work better with Bixby Voice and Vision.
  18. Android News

    The Samsung Galaxy A (2018) could come equipped with the Bixby button

    The Galaxy A (2018) series is likely going to be announced early next year. We’re gradually hearing more rumors about this device but it’s still early days. Nothing is set in stone yet. A sketchy rumor out of China claims that the new Galaxy A premium mid-range smartphones will have a physical...
  19. Android News

    Samsung launches Bixby Voice in India

    Although Bixby Voice had expanded to 200 countries, India wasn't on the list, but now it is. Samsung officially announced that Bixby Voice is now live in India, but as was previously the case, you'll still have to use US English
  20. Android News

    You can finally disable the Bixby button natively

    Up until recently, Samsung didn't provide a native way to disable the Bixby button, forcing people to install a third party app. A recent update will finally let you disable the button natively.
  21. Android News

    You can finally disable the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8

    Samsung is finally allowing us to disable the Bixby button, to an extent. The latest Bixby updates add a new toggle which lets you decide whether or not Bixby Home should be launched when the dedicated button is pressed. This can also be configured from the Bixby settings menu.
  22. Android News

    Bixby Voice could be launched in India September 30th

    Bixby Voice will be launched in India on September 30th. This should match up nicely with the Galaxy Note 8's launch in mid-September.
  23. Android News

    Harman-made Samsung Bixby speaker to launch in 2018

    Harman has announced that they will be making a smart speaker product for Samsung for a 2018 launch. It's believed that this is the Bixby speaker Samsung confirmed is coming.
  24. The_Chief

    Bixby - it's not so bad

    There are videos out there on YouTube that compare Bixby to Google Assistant and Siri... and Bixby wins! That surprised me: but apparently Bixby is really good at understanding, and executing, complex commands. You can also set up voice shortcuts to make a number of things happen - sort of like...
  25. Android News

    Samsung officially rolls out Bixby voice support to over 200 countries

    Samsung has announced that Bixby’s voice capabilities have expanded to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, allowing millions of consumers to experience a smarter way to interact with their phones.