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  1. V

    Help Rooted and flashed LG G8 how do I backup the current firmware, flash a stock one and relock the bootloader

    I want to flash stock LG firmware on LG G8 (LM-G820UM). I would first like to backup what is currently on the phone, just in case I want to play around with it in the future. I also want to lock the bootloader again. Could someone please point me in the right direction? How do I backup the...
  2. A

    Help Impossible to unlock my Redmi 9's BootLoader

    Hello! Could you help me? I have a Xiaomi Redmi 9 that recently blocked the BootLoader thanks to FastBoot because I bought a new one and I wanted to leave it factory. This device had an old MI account that I associated with my phone. When the period of Xiaomi Cloud ended, I deleted it. To...
  3. N

    [MTK][Root] TCL 20 XE 5087Z Root and Unlock Bootloader Guide

    WARNING: If you fail/misunderstand a step, you may accidentally brick your device. This method involves messing with the actual partitions of the device in order to root. All user data (files, music, apps, games, users, call logs, messages, etc.) will be wiped, so make sure your device is backed...
  4. lebigmac


    BRAND NEW DIY TUTORIAL BY LEBIGMAC ! How to ROOT your boot.img with Magisk (for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra & more) NOTE: For Android 13. Your bootloader needs to be unlocked for this procedure to work! 1) Download your device's firmware from the internet (check your firmware version in 'About...
  5. L

    Rooting my OnePlus

    I have had my oneplus rooted previously by someone else. I accidentally updated my OnePlus Nord ce 2 lite 5g to android 13 without installing magisk to the inactive slot first so when my phone rebooted I had lost root although my bootloader was still unlocked. I've done some research on how to...
  6. L

    Help [FINISHED] Unlock bootloader failure.... What should I do now??

    I tried to unlock bootloader on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 using this (linked) guide online. However, when I installed a .zip using Safestrap recovery mode, and rebooted my phone, my phone said it could not start because there was a kernel error. I saw that the developers had been talking...
  7. The_Chief

    Root Don't try to root this phone!!!

    Samsung is determined to end the era of gaining root access to modify its devices. With the Z Fold 3, any attempt to unlock the bootloader will trigger a pop-up warning: unlocking the bootloader will disable the phone's cameras. Unless developers can find a way to reverse this crippling...
  8. A

    explain RPMB Fuse Set and FRP lock

    This picture is from my Tab S6's download screen. Do you see any clue showing that this device is not brand-new? For example anything that should be locked but not locked now or any warranty that has voided or anything other than original and normal as brand-new?
  9. M

    Need to bypass FRP but cannot unlock bootloader & enable ADB

    Hi, my name is Mubeen and I'm a new user here so I'll be careful around here. I got a Nubia M2 yesterday that was FRP locked and me and my friend tried many ways to bypass it. The most popular way I could find on YouTube was with the TalkBack settings and stuff but with Android updates I guess...
  10. N

    Help Stalkers put a PR package/custom root on my device

    Please forward too right forum new to site and don't know how to change the thread.... Bin getting stalked for like 5 years always had problems with my devices (all types) (currently on a blu view1) events transpired for me to post this after looking at my device system apps someone's got a...
  11. Android News

    A bootloader vulnerability in the OnePlus 3 and 3T allows manipulation of the security module

    A new vulnerability has been found within the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T which allows the SELinux to be toggled into permissive mode. This opens up the possibility of someone being able to remotely control your device.
  12. L

    Help Can't access bootloader to factory reset.

    Recently got this old phone from a friend cause he has a galaxy and said he didn't ever use his old phone. But he doesn't remember the pattern. Normally you can access the bootloader and just factory reset the phone, but in this case vol up and power isn't working and neither is vol down and...
  13. L

    Help Relock lg stylo h631 bootloader

    Is there anyway to relock a bootloader on lg stylo h631 running 6.0 after its been unlocked? It has never been rooted just unlocked bootloader.
  14. Android News

    LG Bootloader Unlock Tool now supports the LG G5

    The LG G5 has been added to the list of devices which can be upgraded using LG's official Bootloader Unlock tool. You have to have the European model H850, though there's a chance other variants will be added soon.
  15. A

    Help Bootloop can't get in bootloader

    Hi androidforums, I have a problem with my phone, is in a constant boot loop and I can't get in the bootloader, Tried taking out the battery, turned it off for a couple days, problem persists. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. Video support of my question. Thanks for your help
  16. Android News

    Xiaomi defends locked bootloaders, will lock even more devices

    To the dismay of users, Xiaomi has put out statements and softly answered criticism about their locking of bootloaders. They're most recent comments defend the practice and vow to lock the bootloaders on even more devices.
  17. E

    Video Shows the Bootloader has been Unlocked for the Verizon Galaxy S5

    Verizon does a tremendous job keeping their bootloaders locked down and it can take years before an unlock is available for them. Case in point with the Galaxy S5. While this video shows that the bootloader can be unlocked, there isn't any plans to release it at this time because it is only a...