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Could you help me?

I have a Xiaomi Redmi 9 that recently blocked the BootLoader thanks to FastBoot because I bought a new one and I wanted to leave it factory. This device had an old MI account that I associated with my phone. When the period of Xiaomi Cloud ended, I deleted it.

To block the BooLoader, I used the following command:
- fastboot oem lock

Now, I decided to give it another chance and thought I'd really squeeze it out. In order to do so, I thought of doing the following:

- Unlock the BootLoader (To be able to Root it)
- Root the device. (To take full advantage)

I enabled developer options, enabled the "OEM Unlock" option, and when I connected the device to my PC in FastBoot mode, I used the following command to try to unlock it:

- fastboot oem unlock

The error that appears to me is the following:


I also tried to perform it with the MI Unlock tool. This was the result:


In this picture, what is obscured is my old MI account ID.

Thank you for your attention!
can you post the entire command readout after entering "fastboot oem unlock"?

also i found this that might help:

from the article:
Error: Couldn`t unlock the device.
Solution: If the notification appears that unlocking failed, try changing the IP address on your phone and computer, and select the Chinese region. Any software with VPN will help. After that, try to unlock it again. Also, this error can occur when trying to unlock multiple smartphones from one account.
Source: Resolving Mi Unlock Errors (2023)
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