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bootloader unlock

  1. A

    Help Impossible to unlock my Redmi 9's BootLoader

    Hello! Could you help me? I have a Xiaomi Redmi 9 that recently blocked the BootLoader thanks to FastBoot because I bought a new one and I wanted to leave it factory. This device had an old MI account that I associated with my phone. When the period of Xiaomi Cloud ended, I deleted it. To...
  2. H

    Help OEM UNLOCKING is greyed out

    want to unlock my bootloader for various stuff , but can't due to oem unlocking being greyed out , have tried factory resetting ( a normal reset and even tried a reset with no google account and no internet ie no updates ) still the problem persists Phone: Nokia 5.1 plus \ Nokia X5 \ PDA_sprout...
  3. L

    Help [FINISHED] Unlock bootloader failure.... What should I do now??

    I tried to unlock bootloader on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 using this (linked) guide online. However, when I installed a .zip using Safestrap recovery mode, and rebooted my phone, my phone said it could not start because there was a kernel error. I saw that the developers had been talking...
  4. Y

    Help Motorola e2 wiped all the partitions in twrp recovery (internal storage also).

    Please help me as i have wiped all the partitions in twrp recovery and it shows this picture when i choose recovey option in the bootloader menu.Please help me as i am using a tablet instead of my moto e2 because can't afford a new one and i am not able to manage any futher with my tab as that...
  5. lehmancurtis147

    Root Alcatel Idol 5 (6060C codename simba6) Bootloader Unlock and Recoveries Now With Official TWRP

    New From A-TEAM: 6060C ACCESS FASTBOOT UNLOCK BOOTLOADER INSTALL TWRP Special thanks to the mVirus Team for the reboot tool.
  6. Android News

    Owners of the LG V20 in the US can now unlock the bootloader

    LG has released a new tool which allows owners of the LG V20 to unlock the bootloader without dealing with carriers or anything else.
  7. Android News

    LG Bootloader Unlock Tool adds support for LG V10 in Europe

    LG has added bootloader unlock support for the LG V10 in Europe. Most countries' LG V10 models are supported, though France is notably missing.
  8. Android News

    LG Bootloader Unlock Tool now supports the LG G5

    The LG G5 has been added to the list of devices which can be upgraded using LG's official Bootloader Unlock tool. You have to have the European model H850, though there's a chance other variants will be added soon.
  9. A

    Help moto x device is not started after bootloader unlocked

    I have unlocked bootloader by following motorolla site. after that i run command fastboot erase cache fastboot erase userdata after that phone is not started.please help me to start phone.
  10. smartmanvartan

    Help fastboot OEM unlock on MTK

    So I got this RCA rct6303w87dk tablet. I like it it's nice.. Very groovy for the price. I rooted it and got rid of the bloatware. Now I want to do more... The bootloader is locked so that puts a bit of a damper on my plans. So I try unlocking the bootloader with fastboot using the "fastboot OEM...